Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6 — Blue Eyes, Wight Dragon

Hey fellow Game of Thrones fans! It’s been one long summer, but now winter is here and I couldn’t be more ready. When next week comes, none of us will be children of summer anymore. Next week is the final episode– after that, we will tally up the score and look forward to discern what will happen in the final season.

I’d like to use this space to speculate on some things for the upcoming season. I hope you’ll join me and comment below or on Facebook with your own speculations. Remember, this blog is dark and full of spoilers, so read on at your own risk!

1. Will Sansa kill Littlefinger?

The scene between Arya and Sansa this season turned a lot of heads. Most people aren’t very happy with the direction their story is going, but I have faith that it’s more than it appears on the surface. In that strange scene, tension was HIGH as a dragon’s balls, but here’s what I think happened: Arya wasn’t threatening Sansa. She was giving her her resume.

Littlefinger needs to die for Sansa to be free and transform fully back into a Stark. But even more than that, his fickle nature means that the Starks’ alliance with the Eyrie is hanging by a thread. Arya told Sansa exactly what she learned in Braavos– how to kill and how to take faces. And then she returned Chekov’s knife to Sansa– so that she could give it to Littlefinger. Right in the heart, hopefully.

Sansa has no patience for Littlefinger. She’s outgrown him and the show has too, in all honesty. It’s time for him to go. But having him assassinated wouldn’t sit well with the Eyrie knights, of course. They will turn tail and head right back to their castle in the sky; after all, what do they owe the Starks? Especially if the Starks let him die in their care.

No. Arya is going to wear Littlefinger’s face. And Sansa, who he loves, is going to get it for her.

2. Is that a mutherfuckin’ ice dragon?

Yes. Yes, it was. And not only is it an ice dragon, it’s a White Walker dragon. Viserion is not just some mindless zombie. He has been turned the same way that Craster’s son was turned. Which means, I think, that he has the ability to turn others into zombies or White Walkers. And that could be very, very dangerous for our friends beneath the Wall. Can he do it with his icey breath? I guess we’ll just have to find out. But it is not going to be good.

3. Which dragon will Jon Snow ride?

We’re down to two dragons now on the side of good. But some people seem to think that there’s a possibility Jon Snow could still end up on the back of Viserion. I’m not so sure. It would be some poetic justice to put him on the back of an ice dragon (he is the ice in A Song of Ice and Fire), but rather, I think he’ll end up on Rhaegal. We don’t know a whole bunch about Rhaegal– his dragon-y personality with his dragon-y likes and dislikes remain a mystery. But he is named for Rhaegar– Jon Snow’s real father.

4. How are things going to go at that meeting?

If you saw the preview for this week’s episode, you noticed there were a lot of people sitting in chairs looking angry. So it sounds like our final episode this season will be a board meeting. Just kidding! People are definitely going to die left and right.

Here are some predictions:

  • Cersei is not going to be impressed by the wight that the Magnificent Seven captured. No surprise there. I don’t think she’ll send anyone North. Why should she care? Out of sight, out of mind for her. She’s going to this meeting to look for weaknesses.
  • Jon Snow will brood. Just kidding, that happens every episode. He will actually probably somehow find out who his parents are. How? Not sure on that one yet. Bran is up in Winterfell, but who’s to say he can’t make it down to Harrenhal especially now that fast travel has been unlocked. Speaking of, that is Harrenhal, right? How auspicuous a place for a Targaryean to be. Or is it the remains of Baelor’s Sept?
  • Jaime will get his head in the game when he sees Brienne and realize that Cersei is off her rocker. One can dream, right?
  • Cleganebowl? Get hype? I won’t get my hopes up.


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Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6 — Blue Eyes, Wight Dragon