Game of Thrones, FINAL Season Predictions

Hey Game of Thrones fans, it’s been a long, hard winter and it’s only going to get harder as we wait for the next (and final!) season to air. Rumor has it, it won’t even be done filming until this time next year, so we may have to wait the longest for our shortest season yet! In the meantime, let’s speculate wildly! You guys were with me the whole time this year as we made predictions about, gloried in, and rallied against many of the choices of the showrunners. Before we take a look at what’s to come next season, let’s take a quick look back at what we had answered this season.

WARNING: Here there be spoilers:

Episode 1:

Where the Nymeria is my wolf? She’s hanging out in the Riverlands! But sadly, she does not want to go back North with Arya. What a bummer.

Prediction confirmed: return of Nymeria

Will Samwell Tarly cure Greyscale? Yep, ya boy gone and did it!

Will Ed Sheeran die? Nah. He was just a nice reminder that some Lannisters are people too.

Episode 2:

Is Sansa going to betray Jon? Not yet. And with Littlefinger out of her sphere of influence, I think she is probably be a little more trustworthy.
Where the cluck are the Wall’s ravens? Far, far away it seems. Although Gendry was able to locate one pretty fast later on.
Is Jorah really going to be OK? That seems to be the case– for now. Not a lot of dramatic tension there, showrunners.
What’s going on, Theon? Life has kicked Theon in the balls so many times at this point, he doesn’t even care anymore. Not gonna lie– in the books, he was one of my favorite characters and I really hope the show gives him a solid and well-deserved ending next season.

Episode 3:

How soon until that Jon guy and Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons bone? By the last episode!
Who will kill Cersei? Gosh, it’s really anyone’s game at this point.
What the fuck, Bran? Yeah man, what the fuck?
Why does Melisandre have to die in Westeros? Who knows, but this can’t be the last we’ve seen of the Red Lady.
Why should we be afraid of Euron Greyjoy? Who knows? Or cares?

Bronn wearing his super thick PLOT ARMOR

Episode 4:

Why isn’t Bronn dead? Because his armor is made of the strongest material in the world– plot. You know, I was thinking this whole season he kept getting those miraculous saves so they could have a great reunion scene between him and Tyrion, but no. That stayed on the cutting room floor. C’mon, showrunners. We deserve some fanservice.
What does Littlefinger want Bran to do? Clearly something complex and stupid. A lot more complex than getting his throat slit.
Did Jon Snow make those paintings? I feel like that’s something that should have been answered this season if it was going to be a thing, so the answer is probably no.

Episode 5:

Is Cersei pregnant? Apparently, because she freaked the fuck out about that zombie. If this was Cersei playing a game, I think she would have remained haughty and aloof. Don’t think she’s having that baby though.
The Magnificent Seven deadpool: We lost Thoros, AKA The Fun One. The fates of Beric and Tormund are currently iffy, after the freaking Wall fell down around them. But I’m sure we’ll see Tormund again. Would have hoped for a more poetic ending for Beric though.
Woah, wait, what was that thing Gilly said about annulment? Yeah, girl, we heard you. And Inspectors Bran and Samwell are on the case! Now let’s see if Jon ever makes it back to the North to learn more.
What is Littlefinger’s game? Getting stabbed in the throat, apparently. No, I see a lot of Margery Tyrell in Littlefinger. He planned too hard and tried too hard and didn’t realize that when the long winter comes, the lone wolf dies but the pack stays alive.

Episode 6:

Shown here: Sansa NOT swinging the sword

Will Sansa kill Littlefinger? Nah, she had Arya do it. Which wasn’t as poetic as it could have been. Why not? Well, whose dad always said, “He who passes the sentence must swing the blade?” Oh yeah, Sansa’s dad said that. A lot. We never saw him say it to her, but Ned said it every goddamn day, so she probably overheard him saying it once or twice. It’s a Stark rite of passage. Robb did it. Jon did it.

Is that a muthafuckin’ ice dragon? Apparently, it is a blue fire dragon, which means that fire burns hot enough to really fuck up The Wall.

Which dragon will Jon Snow ride? Remains to be seen.

How are things going to go at that meeting? Apparently pretty nice. Well, nicer than can be expected in Game of Thrones.

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Season 8

Now, knowing what we know, let’s look forward into Season 8. Here are some predictions I have. Got some of your own that I’ve left out? Why not post them below, or post them to us on our social media accounts? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

1. Cersei is going to die. Man, I wanted her to be the Big Bad this season, but that didn’t work out. But we have had this prophecy hanging over our heads for so long now that she will be killed by the valonquar, and boy, do we have a lot of candidates for who that could be? If the show just did away with the prophecy (they did fuck up the whole thing with her kids though, by giving her the Baratheon baby who died), it would be a supreme disappointment. So much of the payoff in Game of Thrones lies in close reading, dismissing something like that would make loyal readers feel cheated.

2. Dany’s going to get pregnant. In the books, there is this whole series of events that corresponds to what Mirri Maz Duur said when she told Dany she was infertile. The show didn’t follow that exactly, but we have been working towards an ending of Ice and Fire ruling together. And for them to be stable rulers in this heireditary monarchy, they gotta make babies. In literature, babies are often signs of hope and promise. What better way to end the show than a promise of things to come?

3. Melisandre’s coming back, baby. Yeah, she said it herself. She’s still got a role to play in all of this. What could that role be?

Will Arya wear this face? All signs point to yes.

4. Theon will get his redemption. He may die, he may get his whole line killed, he will probably suffer a LOT. But he’ll get there. His character arc is one of redemption and always has been.

5. Jon Snow will become a dragon rider. It’s looking more and more iffy that we’ll have a third rider (apart from a White Walker, of course) since Viserion is in the hands of the baddies. But if we did, who do you think it would be? My bet has been on Tyrion for nearly a decade now.

6. Speaking of, Tyrion was kind of usless this season, wasn’t he? All his ideas were bad or ignored (except for uniting ice and fire). What did he tell Cersei to convince her to help out? Was it something to do with the baby? And speaking of, didn’t he seem a little disappointed to hear Jon and Dany hooking up? He has never seemed directly attracted to Dany, so I don’t think that’s the reason. Did he make a deal to save his sister’s baby?

7. Arya will wear Littlefinger’s face. That’s a pretty important face to have, and it could get her a lot of clout in King’s Landing– even though Littlefinger’s station down there is a little compromised at the moment. Could it get her an audience with Cersei?

What are your season 8 predictions? Tell us in the comments!

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Game of Thrones, FINAL Season Predictions