Five Reasons Your Wedding Needs Alehorns

Five Reasons Your Wedding Needs Alehorns

You’re getting married soon. Or maybe someone you know is getting married. Either way, every wedding needs drinking horns. Why? Well, allow us to break it down:

1. Alehorns literally fit every wedding theme

I’m not joking here. Think about your typical wedding outfit: tuxedo, various colors or ties. Now get a little crazy: maybe throw in a kilt here or there. Or go for a really tight theme: Vikings are obvious, sure, what about a renaissance fair? Heck yeah. Pirate? Costume party? Vintage or rustic barn wedding? Yes. Alehorns suit all of these occasions and they look killer while doing it. If the wedding is more modern an formal, they look classy and well-crafted with a nice, sentimental engraving. If the wedding is more eclectic, why, they’ll fit in there too.

2. Bridal party gifts? Yes please!

If you want something unique and handy for your bridal party, look no further. Alehorns are not only something they will use at the actual wedding for their libations, but getting an engraving will cement your friendship for years to come. Use a symbol that means a lot to both of you (the crest of a service or team you’re both a part of, or perhaps the house of your favorite Game of Thrones family) or a saying that you want them to always keep in mind (yes, they can be from your favorite Bathory song), or even a nickname. And don’t think for a second alehorns are limited to groomsmen’s gifts. All bridesmaids need a sturdy and reliable drinking vessel, too.

3. Fancy holsters mean drinks are always at hand

Going to a wedding where you know there’s going to be a lot of toasts? What happens when you break the seal? You don’t want to be caught in the bathroom line without a drink to toast to the new couple’s health. What about on the dance floor? What happens when you get a start getting parched but want to keep your groove going?

Simply grab one of our holsters and keep the rager going– no matter where you are.

4. Plenty of space helps you take advantage of non-open bars

Who throws a wedding without an open bar? If you’re at a cash bar, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth, and aren’t limited to those crappy plastic cups, which are usually filled to the brim with ice anyway. Have your bartender skip the middle man and make your drink right in your alehorn. No matter what kind of bar it is, just be sure to tip really well.

5. An Alehorn for one wedding is an Alehorn for life

After the fun’s over, you still have the alehorn. Which means you can bring it to the next wedding you attend. Or the next festival, or even just the next house party, Game of Thrones viewing, ritual sacrifice, caber tossing, Amon Amarth concert, or, really, anything.

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Five Reasons Your Wedding Needs Alehorns