Five Meads for Your Holiday Feast

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, you probably already did your shopping – if not, Godspeed. The turkey’s chilling out in the fridge, you’ve  made what you can ahead of time, you’ve even placed the can opener on top of the can of cranberries – but did you remember the mead?

If you’re attending a feast this year at someone else’s house, high five! It’s time to eat a massive meal for free and put in some time with your favorite people. You shouldn’t forget shopping for mead, either – showing up to a party with a bottle to share is lesson 1 of Being an Awesome Dinner Guest 101.

So what should you bring that you can still get your hands on relatively easily on short notice? These meads will pair very well with a robust holiday feast are are widely commercially available.

Chaucer’s Mead


Chaucer’s original mead is a dessert style wine, meaning its blend of orange, alfalfa and sage honey are added in a ratio to create a sweet wine that’s delicious served chilled. Chaucer’s also recommends serving it warm with spices, which would be perfect for a winter feast. BevMo also carries Chaucer’s Raspberry Mead.

Bunratty Mead

This mead is made in Ireland very nearby a 15th century castle using an old Irish recipe that includes honey, white wine, and herbs. It’s a sweet pyment that would well suit a turkey dinner, and is widely available all across the country.

Rabbit’s Foot Mead

Rabbit’s Foot Meadery produces California mead, cyser, and braggot. The pallets of their meads tend to be on the sweeter side, so this would be excellent to serve chilled with dessert.

Dry Meads

As I was trying to find you guys some meads to go with the savory flavors of Thanksgiving dinner, I couldn’t help but notice how easy it is to find sweet meads and how tough it is to find dry. These meads aren’t as widely available as the ones above, but if you’re looking for a dry mead to go with turkey, keep an eye out for Redstone’s Nectar of the Hops or Moonlight Meadery’s Slow Dance.

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Five Meads for Your Holiday Feast