Five Great Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

Five Great Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

Hey Game of Thrones fans. We got some bad news recently: the final season won’t be out for over a YEAR. That’s right– it’s not coming until 2019. That means we ALL have got to be real safe about the weddings we choose to attend in the off-season, so we don’t miss the end of this epic tale. I’m pretty heart-broken, as I’m sure you can tell, but my predictions can wait another year if they Ned to. I mean, need to.

But fear not– you can bide your time and wipe your tears away with some sweet, sweet capitalism. We’ve compiled the five best gifts on the market for true and genuine Game of Thrones fans so that you will be well prepped for the finale.

5. Natural Square Horn Plates

I remember when Season 1 of GOT first began. I was lucky enough to not only have read all the books at that point, but also to have about a thousand friends who had as well. We decided early on we’d make Throne-appropriate food for the party. I made hot pies, but there was also lemon squares, pepper pie, and of course, chips and sansa.

If your tradition is anything like mine (and your comments on our Facebook page seem to indicate thusly), then you’ll want to make this season’s premire extra special. Pair your Game of Thrones-appropriate food with some Thrones-appropriate dinnerware.

4. Mead Drinking Horn Cups

What’s a Game of Thrones night without a stiff drink? These horns are naturally curved and designed to sip mead, this cup is approx 5-6″ tall and holds approx 8-10 oz. And you know we handmake them from ox horn this drinking vessel is 100% unique. Sealed and polished for durability. But better yet? They’re on SALE this holiday season, which means they are great for a thrifty Santa.

We even sell these suckers in groups of four so you can have enough for your whole house.

3. A Troll Cross pendant

Shop all pendants (iron price not required)

Ok– we KNOW this isn’t lore-centric. But we can’t avoid the idea that Troll Crosses are signs of protection, and come 2019, we’re ALL gonna need that.

2. A raven journal

Shop our leather journal now

We know you have some sick Lord Manderly/Walder Frey slash fic to write. Or maybe some really tinfoil-y theories you need to get down before publishing a hit YouTube video that will REALLY take r/asoiaf by storm. Or maybe you just need someone to vent to when GRRM finally kills off Tyrion. Everyone needs a journal– and our journals even come with a completely fandom-appropriate raven on them. The third eye isn’t included. Hey, maybe we should get on that?

1. An engraved Alehorn

Customize your horn

You’ve seen them time and again on our Facebook, Twitter, and even our website. But it’s time you got one of your own. This year, put on your list to Santa and make sure to include your favorite house. Don’t worry about it being a popular house– not everyone’s a Lannister or a Stark. Some of us are Dondarrions, Mormonts, Blackfyres, or even Daynes. We can engrave anything you want on your alehorn– take that, HBOstore! It’s time to let your true allegiances show.

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Five Great Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans