Drinking Coffee May Undo Liver Damage from Boozing

According to Reuters Health, besides being the best drink next to whatever was in your AleHorn the night before, coffee may also provide health benefits like reducing the damage you’re doing to your liver by tossing back a few.

Nine previously published studies found that having two additional cups of coffee a day had a solid link to a 44% lower risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver.

There’s no cure for cirrhosis, which makes taking precautions to avoid it very important. It kills more than 1 million people every year, and can be caused by excessive drinking, in addition to other factors like infections, disorders, and diseases.

Coffee and Booze: The more coffee, the lower risk of liver damage

With two cups of coffee, the risk of developing liver cirrhosis is declined by 43%, while adding another cup makes it 57% and having four cups makes it 65%.

It’s better to drink filtered coffee than boiled coffee, according to the study (what’s boiled coffee??) and given the choice, it’s best just to pick up a regular cuppa joe rather than a caramel latte, since the sugar in your fancy coffee drinks would undo all the good work the java’s doing.

Of course, coffee can’t keep up with you if you drink excessively. For those who drink moderately, however, skål on tonight, and get your coffee on tomorrow.

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Drinking Coffee May Undo Liver Damage from Boozing