Customize your own Celtic symbol horn!

Customize your own Celtic symbol horn!

Celts and drinking horns go together like black and tan. Drinking horns and Celtic symbols have been tradition for centuries, but that doesn’t mean you have to have been born in the iron age to enjoy them. You don’t even need to be Celtic. You should probably be a drinker, but even then – rules are made to be broken.

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After receiving engraving requests for Celtic knots for years, we decided to make it even easier to order. We did a bunch of really interesting research to pick out five symbols we think you’d really like. Keep scrolling to take a closer look at all 5, or hop right over to our horn builder and start messing around.

The Mother Knot

Represents the bond between mother and child. The knot features a smaller heart woven into a larger one.

The Father Knot

It’s said that a daughter wove this knot for her dying father, and told him that it represented how he could never be separated from her.

Triquetra Celtic Knot

The trinity knot has many different meanings, and will be interpreted differently for each person. To the ancient Celts, this may have symbolized the relationship between the moon and sun. Very often, trinity symbols also indicate a harmony between mind, body, and spirit or the past, present, and future.

For some it may be as simple as the trinity of you, your ale, and your horn.

Triskele Celtic Knot

There are many different meanings attributed to this ancient Celtic symbol, including the relationship between the spiritual world, the present world, and the celestial world.

World Tree Celtic Knot

Symbolizing the interconnectedness of everything.

If you don’t see your knot here, reach out through our custom design form – we’d be happy to get you what you need!


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  • george brown

    i chatted with Carl,Amazon order separate invoice also for 3 XL tankards with different names.Would like to ad Triskele Celtic Knot to each tankard as well am I covered for this extra line??

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Customize your own Celtic symbol horn!