Best Cake Ever: Ned Stark’s Head on a Stake From Game of Thrones

Would you eat a cake that looks EXACTLY like Game of Thrones’ Ned Stark’s head on a pike? I’m not sure I would. Not because it’s gross (although LOOK AT THAT HAIR, GUYS), but because I couldn’t possibly eat something that looks so amazing. Wait – it’s chocolate? Nevermind – where’s my fork?

For the first time ever, the International Craft and Hobby Fair allowed cake supports in its competition, so Dawn Butler did the obvious thing and put a decapitated cake head on a spike. She’s pretty much my hero forever.

Dawn Butler the Baker

The cake is called “Winter is Coming” (obviously) and it took home gold (obviously). The hair is made of noodles and the cake is six layers covered in chocolate.


“I wanted the hair to look like it’s growing. It’s actually vermicelli – a rice noodle which I steamed so it bends the way I want it to. Then I airbrushed it to make it look like hair.” -Dawn Butler

If Dawn’s creation is feeding you inspiration, you can whip up a cake pop version of Dawn’s master cake as a festive holiday appetizer, birthday treat, or (if you can wait long enough) a snack for the Season 6 premier.

To make the cake pops, you’ll combine candy melts and cake made from a box mix – red velvet, obviously.

Check out the recipe at

Cake Pops from Not Your Mommas Cookie

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Best Cake Ever: Ned Stark’s Head on a Stake From Game of Thrones