Beard Art Fit for a Viking

Isaiah Webb is a beard artist – he makes art with his own totally real, totally rad still-attached beard hair. He’s made his beard into a dinosaur, an octopus, and a bowl out which he ate ramen noodles, but this time, he really killed it.

When 20th Century Fox Australia asked him to turn his beard into something epic for the Australian release of the 3rd season of Vikings on DVD and Blu-ray, he certainly didn’t let any of us down. If there’s a list of manly ways to go out, “death by beard” is probably pretty close to the top.

A few of Webb’s creations

It took two hours to create the axe-sterpiece using Webb’s beard, which he’s been growing for over 15 years after discovering that it was naturally good at holding whatever shape he sculpted it into. That’s not to say that “plenty of hairspray” isn’t used to help them hold their shape.

Webb dreams up and executes a new beard design every few weeks aided by his wife, who seems to have quite a talent with beard sculpting. He’s very creative with his ideas, but he also sometimes makes beard art using suggestions from his Instagram followers.


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Beard Art Fit for a Viking