Are You Worthy Of A Vrykyl Drinking Horn

As you sit down for another challenging game of WoW, choose the vessel you’ll drink from by the game level you have earned! Creating a game within a game while reliving the history of a drinking vessels.

As you may know, beer was a beverage only enjoyed by the elite in some parts of the world. While in other parts of the world, it was a common beverage and believed to have provided the nourishment needed to adults and children alike.

The Vessel Of Choice Varied

The beverage made up of various agricultural products is enjoyed today in a variety of containers. From a chilled & frosted mug that is pulled from a tap. Or it may be poured from a bottle or a can, and it is even drank straight from a bottle or can by many. But these containers have not been around as long as the beverage itself. So how did they enjoy their brew yesteryear?

When the Chinese created the concoction they are known for with fruit, hone and rice 9,000 years ago, they had to have some type of vessel to drink it from. Just as the ancient Egyptians must have had a vessel of some sort as well. Since nobody can pinpoint exactly when beer was created, discovered or invented, it is hard to pinpoint what was used to drink from.

Vessels Of The Royal

We do know that Vikings used horns that were rune-carved and silver-chased. They were large vessels that could hold a large amount of the brew and was sturdy for the rough life style they lived. The Vrykul Drinking Horn is one example. However, this was not a vessel made available to the common public. The more common drinking vessel for the rest of the population would be bowls or cups.

In the Bronze Age Mycenaean Greece, drinking from horns was common until clay and metal vessels were introduced. Known as keras or rhyton, we can see in the ca. 480 BC era where Dionysus and a satyr are shown holding a drinking horn on a red-figure vase.

It is repeated throughout history that the elite were the only ones that would be drinking from a Vrykul Drinking Horn. Used by the prestigious ones in a community, such as Royalty and the upper class. They would sip their beer or wine from elaborate horns and the Vrykul was used in ceremonies as well. Such as the Highest ranking woman along with her rank and deed.

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Are You Worthy Of A Vrykyl Drinking Horn