Ancient Viking Drinking Games – Yes, they existed

Modern man has few similarities with his ancestors who lived fighting bears, disease and any random weather pattern his gods saw fit to spit on him. Nowadays the battles are for the remote, free wi-fi and the hot pockets with a special discount alert. However, thanks to cosplay we get to relive the times when you could become head of your tribe by combat because at the heart of it democracy really is for pansies. So for the sophisticated barbarian who’s only seen one window today and it needs an antivirus the following ancient Viking Drinking Games will definitely add some credibility to you.

Drowning Competitions.

Of course because vikings lived rough, rugged and raw 365 days a year so death wasn’t that rear an event in their games. However, when you consider that part of their inebriated festivities included seeing who could hold their opponents head down the longest in a pool of water you begin to wonder how they didn’t drive themselves to extinction. It’s important to remember that his was done while drinking so too bad for those who black out while under water. On the plus side if you had enough no one was made fun of for quitting because the kind of game that involves drowning is the kind where just trying earns you respect

Drunk Poetry and Rap Battles

Yes this was always a thing. People have been insulting each others’ ancestry long before there were mics to spit on. After a long hard day of pillaging Vikings would chill with some well deserved mead and before long the insults would start. The Vikings were organized in man-woman pairs and once they had gone past the recommended drinking limit they’d start boasting, showing off and insulting the other couples in a way only since relived at Hip hop rap battles. The rules were that after each drink the participants would create their lines of slurry fury. Since people drank in gender pairs if you ever wanted to tell Krolo that she really did give birth to an ugly baby you just had to wait until Friday for the opportunity to do so.


This one started out in ancient Greece but should definitely be on your playlist. The aim was to throw wine at a target statue in such a way that majority of it would hit a statuette that was on top of a lampstand making it fall off. This game came with other variations such as having saucers float in a tub of water and have people try to sink the saucers. The aim was to sink as many of the saucers as possible and the winner would usually receive meat or the obvious, more wine.


hnùtukast was played mostly when everyone had had more than their fill of drink and were now planning on settling down for the night. Basically bones would be thrown at each other too see who could injure the other the most proving once and for all that the Norsemen really didn’t take any chances that their games might be too enjoyable to not be a measure of manliness.

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Ancient Viking Drinking Games – Yes, they existed