AleHorn’s Official Last Minute Gift Guide

AleHorn’s Official Last Minute Gift Guide

Yule officially starts tomorrow. Christmas and Kwanzaa start next week. Hanukkah starts on Sunday. And you haven’t bought anything for your friends and family yet. What are you doing?

It’s alright– AleHorn is here for you, just as we always have been. And we have the perfect gift for whoever is still left on your list. You know– the one person that always seems to buy whatever they need. Who never needs anything and yet is impossible to buy for. That person. We have their gift.

Coffee Horn

Our Coffee Horn is brand new, sexy, and ready to greet you in the morning. Horns aren’t just for late-night partying around the bonfire anymore. Now, you can have them waiting in your cubicle, or your breakfast nook. And you care pair them with toast and jam instead of turkey legs and pasties at the Renaissance Faire. These horns are perfect for those who work hard and need caffiene to sustain that forward momentum. They’re also great for tea-lovers. Because, fuck, tea is still bad ass.

White Horn Shot Glasses

These are also fairly new products, but you could say we’re head-over-heels with them. They’re made of all-natural white horn, and they’re sealed (just like all of our horns) so they’re safe for food use. But here’s the thing: they’re kind of gigantic. They hold 3 oz. of liquid– whereas normal shot glasses only hold 1 oz. Which means that this shot glass is perfect for party people, shot-slingers, and even sippers. And like all of our horns, they are completely unique.

Hand of the King Bottle Opener

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to enjoy this gorgeous bottle opener, but it really helps. And yes, just because you all requested it, we did wind up putting magnets on the back, so there won’t be any more digging through the junk drawer during parties, looking for this bad boy. It’s right on the fridge! Unlike most of the kings of Westeros, you will always know where Your Hand is.

Vegvisir Premium Silver Ring

Carefully handcrafted with 925 Silver, these rings make the perfect gift for just about anyone. They bear the Vegvisir symbol of protection– important to the Astaru and Norse faiths. Not sure you want to drop the money? Don’t worry– they come with our lifetime guarantee in case anything ever happens to it.

The Ragnarok Pack

All of our packs are on sale throughout the holiday season, so if you don’t know what to get everyone, you can just go ahead and get everyTHING. Dole it out at your will. You are the Master of Gifts! If this is too much, check out some of our other gift packs to find something that suits your shopping list better. And yes– just like all of our horns– we cam engrave the horns in your pack for you.

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AleHorn’s Official Last Minute Gift Guide