Alehorn Interviews Last Legion: Drinks Are on Us!

Alehorn Interviews Last Legion: Drinks Are on Us!

This month, I got to sit down once again with the lovely lads of Last Legion. Last time, we got to talk about them, but this time, it’s all about us! I grilled them about their brand, new Alehorns so that you, dear reader, could see how professional Vikings do up their horns.

All photos by Jason V. Mannello Photography via Last Legion

Sam: Hi fellas, first thing’s first, I have to know: did you decide to get your horns engraved?

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: None of our horns were engraved. The engraving option is very cool, but for the purposes of this band, we wanted our horns to begin their journeys as blank slates, which over time, naturally become etched with the scars of battle and life experience.

Sam: What did you drink from before you had AleHorns?

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: We found ourselves drinking from cans or plastic cups at most shows, which is absolutely an unacceptable way to enjoy a fine brew. But I can see how venues wouldn’t want people hurling glasses and bottles at the stage like the scene from the Blues Brothers where the band is playing behind the chicken wire. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Ameer the Beheader: No.

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: Damn, I’m showing my age again.

Sam: Don’t worry, Mollo, I got it. I assume you play both types of music?

Ameer the Beheader: I’m the health nut in the band so my primary concern is staying hydrated. My AleHorn sits proudly in its stand next to my massive hulking water jug.

Dubek wielding Sword ov Steel: He’s lying. Beheader sits back there and sips Hawaiian Punch from a sippy cup. (laughter)

Ameer the Beheader: You see what I have to deal with?

Chris the Dark Elf: I had a really cool skull tankard which was my preferred drinking vessel for a long time. Unfortunately, my dog Loki knocked it over and it fell onto the floor and broke. He is a loyal, well-intentioned, but in this instance, clumsy beast.

Sam: Your dog is aptly named.

Malharan the Skald: I used to raid our own merch table for Last Legion mugs to drink from while on stage. Promoting our product is very important…


Malharan the Skald: … but I have since become the proud owner of an absolute behemoth of a drinking vessel, crafted by the fine artisans at Alehorn.

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: It is really quite a glorious specimen. We are all very envious of its sheer enormity.

Chris the Dark Elf: Yeah, its got great GIRTH. (laughs)

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: …and a nice curve in it. (more laughter)

Malharan the Skald: (growling lyrics) AND THUNDER FILLS THE SKY, AND THE ÆSIR CHEER! ALL SHALL KNOW ITS GLORY AND MIGHT! (shakes fist and bangs head)

Sam: Do any of you brew or have interest in brewing? If so, what do you brew or hope to brew?

Chris the Dark Elf: Very interested, and something we are discussing. I think we would definitely need some guidance. We’d love to have a whole line of Last Legion beers – we love IPAs, ales, stouts…

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: (growls) ’LAST LAGER!’

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: We’d love to brew some mead too.

Chris the Dark Elf: Yeah, but like I said, we would definitely need some assistance, and a sound business strategy… we’re working on it!

Sam: Um, let’s talk? I’ve been brewing mead for half a decade now. Check out my brewing guides!

Drinking from AleHorns on stage definitely offers a very cool effect to your fans. What kind of personal satisfaction do you get out of them? What do you hope they add to your stage presence?

Malharan the Skald: It’s such a great accessory and it fits the vibe of the band perfectly. We are so proud of our horns. Each one is so special and unique. Of course, I’m the frontman, so mine is the biggest! But we always hang out and drink with people at the shows, and everyone always wants to talk about the horns.

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: At the last gig, even the door guy was harassing me at the bar, taking pictures of my horn and asking me all about it.

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: I really feel like drinking from the horns enhances our sense of brotherhood, and our feelings of FORTITUDE. STRENGTH and VALOR in the face of ADVERSITY! Us against the world! (pumps fist and plays air guitar.)

Chris the Dark Elf: Yeah, and women always ask to hold them and try them out.

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: That’s the real answer, right there.

Sam: And finally, what is your favorite thing to drink/imbibe/quaff from your AleHorn?

Ameer the Beheader: I am 100% water and Gatorade.

Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom: Yeah, Beheader is the designated sober guy in the band. Someone’s gotta be able to keep the tempos straight. For me, nothing beats a cold Guinness, but I’ll drink anything. The darker the better.

Chris the Dark Elf: I can appreciate pretty much any craft beer. Every rehearsal, we take turns bringing something to share.

Dubek Wielding Sword ov Steel: Yeah, I think we strike a healthy balance between quality and quantity. In the winter I prefer quality. But when it gets hot, I don’t mind a cooler full of pure, unadulterated, watered-down QUANTITY.

Malharan the Skald: None of us are very picky. If it gets us happy and feeling like we sound better, we’ll put it into our AleHorns. (growling lyrics) AGAIN I SHALL RISE, IN THIS HALL OF THE SLAIN! TO FEAST, DRINK MEAD, AND BATTLE AGAIN! (shakes fist and bangs head.)

Dubek wielding Sword ov Steel: On that note, I think we’re going to go jam now.

Chris the Dark Elf: SKOL, VIKINGS! (raises horn)

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Alehorn Interviews Last Legion: Drinks Are on Us!