AleHorn Fa-Thor’s Day Giveaway

AleHorn Fa-Thor’s Day Giveaway

Hope everyone had a Jörð-tastic Mother’s Day, but now that that’s behind us, it’s time for Father’s Day! Or, as we like to call, it, Fa-Thor’s Day. (Yes, we know Thor is the son, not the Father, but who can resist a Thor pun?)

While Odin is the all-father, Thor is the strongest of his children, and both are known the world over for their hearty enjoyment of good food and drink. We couldn’t think of any better farther-son pair to select as representatives of our first father-son drinking horn giveaway.

We’ve been chomping at the bit to release our Fa-Thor’s Day contest – we’re pretty excited about this one. Winners will receive a set of Viking style 12″ horns engraved with Thor’s hammer Mjölnir on one, and the Valknut, the symbol of Odin, on the other. Winners will also have their choice of either runic or non-runic text to accompany the symbol, and can also select their color of inlay.

Valknut – Three interlocking triangles and the symbol best associated with Odin the all-father. It represents the warrior, and all the slain warriors who came before. The nine points of the triangles also represent all nine worlds being united by the Yggdrasil tree.

Mjölnir – Thor’s hammer, is so strong that it can level mountains. It symbolizes destruction and protection. “Thor” is inscribed in runic font below the hammer – the name can be personalized.

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AleHorn Fa-Thor’s Day Giveaway