7 Gifts for Viking Ladies

7 Gifts for Viking Ladies

Hey ladies, there’s no reason you can’t draw inspiration from the rest of our gift lists. But we wanted to give you your due because there are a lot of products that get over-looked that we just know you’re going to love. Viking women were the strongest ladies out there at their time– they were independent, rulers, warriors, and even poets, which is the best career you could have as a Norse civilian. So, here’s to us ladies!

The Coffee Horn

Hot drinks are for everyone, but this mug is only for the truest, most hardworking warriors. After all, coffee is basically the mead of modern times– it keeps you wise, gives you god-like energy, and helps you fight the truest evil of them all: Monday mornings. The Coffee Horn is able to deal with any hot drink and is able to do it was finesse and class. The rest of the office will know this mug is yours– and they’ll be too afraid to fight you to steal it.

Helm of Awe Necklace

This necklace is what inspired this list. Featuring two dragons and Aegishjalmur, it gets its inspiration from Viking burial ornaments from the 9th and 10th centuries, so you know it’s legit. And it doesn’t just look old– this necklace is made of beautiful antique bronzeCheck out Etsy store esotericmarket for more gorgeous, ancient-inspired jewelry.

Valhalla Ugly Sweater

Along with the Coffee Horn, everyone needs a comfy and hilarious sweater for the colder months of the year. Consider this Viking-inspired take on the Ugly Christmas Sweater. There are a couple different versions out there on the web, but this one with the skull and axes is by far our favorite.

Shieldmaiden Necklace

There is a time and a place for princesses, and this is not it. Viking warrior women were called Shieldmaidens and were considered to be awesome as fuck. This gorgeously, vibrantly blue necklace celebrates that heiritage and is perfect for any lady who feels more represented by Eowyn than Cinderella. It comes in gold and silver, and Etsy store ValhallasGlory has plenty of other Shieldmaiden gear to check out!

Knit Ladies’ Viking Hat

A couple weeks ago, we featured the bearded version of this hat. But this one is just freaking adorable. No matter how long your hair is, you can still have super cute Viking braids AND a stylish, if historically inaccurate, horned helmet. Great for skiing and snowboarding, caroling Deathmetal, snowball fights, or just hanging around the house and feeling pretty. And guess what? You can even customize the colors.

Silver Norse Pendants

Viking women used rune symbols (like Yggdrasil, pictured above) as signs of protection, love charms, and ways to keep their families happy and healthy. We have a host of them available in both wood and silver. Even if you don’t care for the magical powers these pendants are touted to have, you will still appreciate the gorgeous aesthetic they bring.

Norse Knot Jewelry Box

Now that you’ve got a hundred Norse-themed necklaces, where are you going to keep them all? There are a TON of Norse-themed jewelry boxes on Etsy, but we are head-over-heels in love with the pattern on this one. It feels the most authentic. Want something custom? Etsy store FenrirsHide will do it for you.

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7 Gifts for Viking Ladies