7 Gifts for Tolkien Lovers

7 Gifts for Tolkien Lovers

I’m a big Tolkien fan. I have Tolkien tattoos. I have an entire bookshelf of Tolkien books, academic books and journals about the man and his writing, and books about the movies. I celebrate his writing all year round. But there is no time like Christmas time for taking a journey back into Middle Earth. If you know someone who celebrates the holidays by rewatching all of the movies (extended versions, obviously), re-reading the books, or getting hyped for the new Amazon show, you obviously need to get them the perfect gift. I’ve gone to Mordor and back to find these preciousessss. Let’s forge ahead as a Fellowship.

Eye of Sauron Christmas Tree Topper

I’m going to be explicitly honest: I looked for one of these for my own tree a couple years ago and couldn’t find one. So I made it (you can see pics on my Twitter!). But if this had been around, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. It has an almost Art Deco feel that transcends the film’s iconic look and looks downright stylish. Concerned the Dark Lord shouldn’t have such an honored place? Not only does he glow like a star, but when he was in the ring-giving business, he went by Annatar, which means The Lord of Gifts. And even before that, he was a Maiar, which is the devoutly-Catholic Tolkien’s equivalent of an angel. Tell that to your strictly religious parents.

Home is Behind Art

There’s a ton of Tolkien-inspired art out there, but this is one of the loveliest I’ve yet seen. You have a hobbit hole door opening up into the beautiful shire, but the rest is just a plain white. It’s not an aesthetic choice, but indicative of the fact that adventure awaits us when we step out our door, just like Bilbo and Frodo found out. This classy piece would be welcome in any home, even one that doesn’t show off its owners’ nerdy bones.

Engraved AleHorn

Who wouldn’t feel powerful drinking ale or mead from a horn emblazoned with the White Tree of Gondor? How about the horse head of Edoras? Or a quote by the master of language himself? You can customize these horns to look like whatever you’d like, so be sure to thoroughly interrogate any friend you buy one for. This is one of those gifts they are going to want to display for years and years to come.

Elvish Doormat

“Speak friend and enter!” This mat comes with the classic riddle written in beautiful Tengwar. They’re hand-painted, and you can even get them customized if you need to. But personally, we feel like the addition of the Celtic knots are perfect.

Laurelin and Telperion Pendant

Here’s a deep cut for you deep, deep fans: the two trees of light from Valinor, Laurelin and Telperion are perfectly represented on this absolutely gorgeous pendant. They’re made of beautiful, hand-spun wire and accented with mystical labradorite. Any friend who really knows their Silmarillion will love to show this piece off.

Horn of Gondor

Sounding Horn

When Boromir blows the Horn of Gondor during his final fight, don’t pretend like you don’t want in on that. We sell Sounding Horns for that reason– so you know let the world know that a man of Gondor calls for aid. Oh– and we can engrave them, too. So if you want yours to look like the ill-fated son of the steward, let us make that happen.

Hobbit Playhouse

This is billed as a playhouse for children, but let’s be real: everyone needs a hobbit hole. Maybe it’s to keep all that mead you’re brewing. Maybe it’s to read a favorite book. Or maybe it’s just your special space. Either way, this is the dream.

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7 Gifts for Tolkien Lovers