7 Gifts for ONLY the Biggest Minnesota Vikings Fans

7 Gifts for ONLY the Biggest Minnesota Vikings Fans

BOOM BOOM SKOL! Minnesota Vikings fans are some of our most hardcore customers. If that includes you, rock on! To celebrate your awesomeness, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest MN Vikings-themed gifts on the Internet. Let them grace your list to Santa this year– after, ‘Vikings win the Superbowl.’

Vintage Metrodome Poster

Oh Metrodome. You were our loving home for so, so long. Don’t think that we’ve forgotten you. We’ve both just gone on to bigger and better things. Well, the Vikings have at least. If you want to remember the good years, consider this gorgeous artifact: a vintage print of the layout of the stadium in its heyday. It will look really nice next to your Vikings shrine. What, you don’t have a Vikings shrine in your house? Who are you?

Vikings Infinity Scarf

I live in Florida, but I’ve heard before that Minnesota is, like, really cold during football season, or something? I don’t know. This scarf will not only keep your neck warm, but it looks stylish without coming across as garish (as a lot of NFL gear often does). You can pair it with a smart outfit to support your team at work, or wear it on game day. It’s really up to you.

Vikings Engraved AleHorn

Yes, we love the Vikings. We love them so much, we have a whole section on our website devoted to making a horn just for them. Think about that. Now, you can prove your love for them, too. Imagine this: you’re at the tailgate outside US Bank Stadium. Your buds have their Minnesota Viking gear on– the typical jerseys, beanies, even maybe some socks. But do they really look like Vikings? No.

You do. You whip out our XXL horn with Viktor and his beautiful locks on it (in this fantasy, you’re also wearing a leather curiass and a period-appropriate helmet). Your friends freak. The Vikings’ bus passes by. They see you. They freak. They invite you to sit in the boxes during the game. Ragnar’s there. You become best friends.

We’re aren’t guaranteeing this event. But it could happen. It could.

SKOL! Cutting Board

Love to BBQ before the big game? We do, too. If you’re getting the finest meats and veg, you need to make sure you have the best equipment on the market to prepare. This cuttingboard is not only gorgeous and Viking-friendly, but it’s very functional. Your friends will be shocked that you, yes, even have a Vikings cutting board. True fandom cuts deep.

MN Vikings Bowtie

Are you a dapper lad with a secret passion for football? Are you a true-blue football fan whose fiance won’t let them wear a Vikings jersey to the wedding? We gotcha. Check out this gorgeous bowtie with all your favorite colors in a perfect plaid. Anyone can be a fan.

Viking Beer Opener

If you don’t have a bottle opener mounted to your wall yet, who are you? This one shows off your fandom in a classy and dignified way. Mount it over your trashcan for optimal use.

Knit Viking Helmet

If you have been following our Yultide lists this year, you know that we’re obsessed with these viking knit hats. Well, now there’s a MN Viking knit hat. This is one of those items that’s sure to catch the eye of the jumbotron operator, plus it’s going to keep your face nice and toasty while those cold Minnesota winds blow.

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7 Gifts for ONLY the Biggest Minnesota Vikings Fans