7 Gifts for History Nerds

7 Gifts for History Nerds

What up, nerds? The winter holidays are coming, and for those of us who love history, it’s a great chance to show off what it is that makes history so damn cool. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a friend or family member, check out these great gifts for those who love Norse history and mythology and aren’t afraid to show it.

Build a Viking Longship

We featured this in our Viking Gift Guide, but it HAS to be recounted here. This 24-inch collectible from Medieval Collectibles includes a set of adorable, tiny shields– and you can even get some mini Vikings to go with it. No word on if it’s seaworthy, but it’ll look great on top of a bookshelf or right next to your AleHorn stand.

XL Viking Gjallarhorn Sounding Horn

Want a real piece of history? Our sounding horns are all horn, no reed or mouthpiece. We like to use them to warn our enemies, herd our cats, and annoy our neighbors. This horn is meant to be played, just like they were back in the day. Want to make it perfectly personal? Get it engraved!

If you can read this… Rune Shirt

Settle down, nerds! We know that you can speak way more languages than us. No need to brag. Actually there is– because you can brag by wearing this sick shirt. We’ve seen a lot of different versions of it, but this one from Zazzle is nice and plain and not too over the top. Plain white tee not appropriate for your gift? Get it printed on something else, like a hat or a dog hoodie, for dog nerds.

Rose Quartz Rune Set

You don’t need to be a believer in the runes to enjoy their aesthetic quality. If you’re teaching a class on Norse mythology, language, or standing stones, or if you just like clacking around with something shiny, there are plenty of stones available on the web, but these are our favorites.

Genuine Leather Raven Journal

Everyone needs a journal, but we nerds need them even more– for our roleplaying games, for our classes, for our geeky hopes and dreams. This is your very own AleHorn journal, with Celtic knot border and a beautiful raven stamped into the center. The Morrigan would be proud.


There are about 400 different versions of Hnefetafl– one for every land that the Vikings conquered. It was sort of their version of chess, but since the Vikings were more about winning than honorable combat, the rules are a little different and the game play gets a LOT crazier. This set is modeled after the Isle of Lewis Chess set, one of the most famous chess sets in existence, but it has a Norse flair. It comes with a beautiful woven play mat and instructions– so it can become a Yuletide tradition for years to come at your hearthside.

Dat As Calendar

We know what nerds like, here at AleHorn. And that’s learning. But also sex. This calendar is done pin-up style with your favorite boys of Asgard showing what they got. Etsy Store HelloGround has a couple other mythological offerings if this isn’t your main pantheon (you heathen).

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7 Gifts for History Nerds