7 Gifts for Heavy Metal Fans

7 Gifts for Heavy Metal Fans

… and no, not the kind that keep your room cool in the summer.

We love fans of metal music here at AleHorn because, fuck it, we’re one of you! Did you know we even sponsor Last Legion? What other novelty drinking horn company can say THAT?

If you also have a metal fan that you love, or you are a metal fan looking to be the most grymm bogan at the Bathory concert but still need to make a Christmas list for Grandma (Grandma ist kreig)? We got your back. Take a look at our favorite Chrstmas gifts for heavy metal fans. Don’t see something you’re jonesing for this year? Let us know in the comments!

Mosh Potatoes Cook Book

Time for honesty: I saw this a while ago and knew I had to write an article entirely about it. It may just be one step about those metal fan shirts that have… metal fans on them. But I still love it. A friend brought Twisted Sister’s Go Fun Stir Fried Chicken to a party and it was pretty frickin’ good, but I just saw Chuck’s Evil Chili on the list (from Chuck Schdiner of Death) on the list of recipes and that’s probably going to be my first attempt. Buy this book for both the anecdotes as well as the recipes and you’ll be in good hands. As Chris Santos says on the cover, “Every recipe in this book is evil. And I mean this is the most sincere way.”

Who among us can’t cop to sneaking booze into a show before? At metal concerts, it’s practically a sport. But as fun as it is to sip off around the flask your bro snuck in in his sweaty boxers, it’s much, much better to have something to pour that flask into. These lil guys are too big to be your normal shot glass, but also too small for a beer. At 5 oz., they’re the perfect size for spitting a flask with your pal. No ball sweat required.

a href=”http://www.kirkebrann.com/shop/kirkebrann-vol-4″ rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Kirkebrann Vol. 4

No, this isn’t a new album by a band you’ve never heard of. It’s just a candle.

Yes, a candle that looks like a church. In fact, it’s the famous Fantoft stave church in Bergen, Norway. It’s as old as the Vikings. And they

Why would you burn it?

Well, not everyone can say they burned a church down these days and didn’t go to jail for arson.

Cities of Darkscorch Board Game

This is a metal-meets-Dungeons-and-Dragons board game (because it seems that D&D could, indeed, get more metal. And just in case you’re wondering is it could be metal enough– yes, it does come with LPs.

Heavy Metal Coloring Book

Coloring is back in style, and it doesn’t matter what you’re into or what age you are. They have an adult coloring book for literally everything. I guess this book is based on metal fans loving up on their kitty cats, which is a cause any fan can get behind, because metal dudes are cute and so are kitties.

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7 Gifts for Heavy Metal Fans