5 Solstice Gifts for Modern Pagans

5 Solstice Gifts for Modern Pagans

Blessed be! Just because we celebrate the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas or Hanukkah or any of the other gift-giving holidays that happen throughout the wintery seasons doesn’t mean we can’t get presents too. Why? Well, like many traditions the Christians ‘created,’ this one actually came from us, too.

And unlike the Christmas tradition of wanton consumerism and the time honored tradition of giving so many gifts, you go into debt, the Solstice gift-giving tradition is more focused on the betterment of friends and family. Small but personal and meaning-laden gifts are preferable.

Herb CupboardI never think about where I keep my spell herbs. They usually just go in the cabinet with my cooking herbs. Not anymore. This triple moon-designed herb cabinent will look beautiful wherever in your house you choose to put it. Not much of a spell-weaver? Use it to store your dice, brewing supplies, desk junk, or anything else that helps remind you to admire the mystical in your life.

A Horn with Engraved Symbol

We can’t go a single article this holiday season without pimping our engraved horns. If that’s getting annoying to you, you’re probably following the wrong blog– because they’re fucking awesome. This link goes to our Celtic Customizer, but no matter which pantheon you believe in, you can get your holy symbol engraved on one of our horns. Check out our custom engraver and feel free to mess around with it, or contact our artists for a consultation. These are the most personal gifts we offer, and there’s a reason we’re so proud of them.+77

An Opal Pendulum

Tarot cards, runes, and more. There’s a hundred ways to tell fortunes, ask questions of the divine, and try and view problems from different angles. But there are none as elegant and inspiring as a pendulum. Opal, while the October birthstone, is a beautiful stone to bring to mind winter, with both the clear and lovely white or snow, and the glowing, mystic aura of opal stones. Pair it with a beautiful new altar cloth, or a pit and sand stand to complete the gift.

Coffee Horns
Let me preface this with saying that I live in tropical Florida, and yet every year throughout the warm, sticky holiday season, I still need to get myself a hot drink. Glogg, mulled mead (check out my recipes!), pumpkin juice, hot cocoa, tea, and yes, coffee! These are our brand new babies, and they’re not only useful, they’re gorgeous. They are bound to not only be a conversation piece, but the envy of all your hot drink-imbibing friends. Want to

Green Man Tapestry

It’s my personal opinion that everyone needs a Green Man tapestry in their home somewhere. I happen to have this very same one, which I received as a gift from a friend for a birthday, and I have it hanging up in my mead cave as a reminder to stay jolly and appreciate the beauty that nature lends to my brews. You don’t need to get that in-depth. Hang it above your bed, in your kitchen, or even use it as an altar cloth.

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5 Solstice Gifts for Modern Pagans