5 Coolest Customizable Gifts for Vikings

Your Viking is special. Whether they're your friend, sibling, parent, or coworker, they deserve a special gift. They don't deserve the same old thing everyone else has. They need something personable, something that really calls their name.

Or spells it out.

So we scouted the Internet from coast to coast to find the coolest and sickest gifts out there that can be customized. After all, why go for any old gift when you can give something that was literally made for them?

Engraved Drinking Horn from AleHorn

You honestly knew that our engraved drinking horns were going to be the first thing on the list, right? If not, well, read the blog more. We're hopelessly vain about our products because they're awesome!

We'll engrave whatever suits your fancy on one of our authentic, ethically-sourced horns. Could be a picture, could be a nickname, could be a date (like a wedding date!). Doesn't matter. Let us know what you want and we'll make it beautiful.

ÆGISHJÁLMR Axe from Viking Armoury

Right now, I'm obsessed with Viking Armoury. This store produced handcrafted, hand-engraved axes and knives (and maybe more in the future?) weapons. Real, ACTUAL weapons. The sort you couldn't bring into a convention or the Renaissance Faire because, holy crap, you could kill someone!

I personally love the Norse runes, so this design is my favorite, but check out their site to find more of their gorgeous work.

This journal from Etsy store TheDarkMarkCo is SO customizable. You can customize the color. You can customize the design with a name, short quote, or more. You can customize the PAGES and the TIE STRAP. Yes, you can make this journal look old and weathered (as in the picture) or brand new. 

"Um, why would I want an old and weather journal?" you ask. BECAUSE IT'S COOL? Set the tone for your favorite D&D group,  your fantasy novel, or even your own thoughts and dreams. Or keep it neat and tidy. It doesn't matter. They can make it happen.

Viking Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe

Know a Viking that likes to smoke tobacco or ahem, other things? Get them a churchwarden, or, more popularly known as The Gandalf Pipe. Etsy store StanStore will personally engrave these babies with whatever you'd like.

These pipes are hand-carved by carving masters from Ukraine, so it's safe to say they know what they're doing. How much are these going to run you? A lot less than you think for something this masterfully crafted and perfectly personalized.

Viking Jewelry

There is a TON of gorgeous Viking-themed jewelry out there on the market, but here are a couple of our customizable favorites.

FJMetalworks makes a Viking wedding ring that is both gorgeous and rugged. These rings can be customized with engraved names or a date.

Another Etsy store, TJCraftGoods, makes this beautiful leather bracelet, similar to the very popular paracord bracelets, but with the runes you desire. Simply add the phrase you wish to have on the bracelet into the Note to Seller box and they will translate it for you.

I'm something of an ear cuff junky. I love them because they make me look like I have more than my already-way-too-many nine piercings. TheWickedGriffin will let you customize these rune cuffs to up to eight small runes or eleven large ones!

Honorable Mention

KvenlandForgeworks Makes this gorgeous, steel Mjolnir that you can also customize with your facorite rune AND pick your own cord material. Whileit's less customizable than the other products we featured, we found the design of this necklace too cool not to share.

What's the best customized gift you've ever recieved? Share pics with us on social media, or let us know in the comments below!

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