5 Best Yuletide Gifts for Modern Barbarians

It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays. Think about it: the more time that you spend, the better gifts you’ll be able to secure. While you’re not yet in any danger of brushing up against our Christmas shopping deadline, we know your modern barbarian will be delighted with any of these gifts this Yuletide. Check out how to celebrate a proper Yuletide here.

Engraved AleHorn
Of course, it’s our best-selling product that is the first item on this list. While you can always get one of these beautiful horns plain, why would you? Your barbarian will appreciate the effort put in from including their favorite Game of Thrones house, their Astaru patron’s symbol, or a quote or passage that they love so much. The extra touch is what will make it the most special gift they’ll get this year. And oh yeah– you can engrave any of our horns.

Bone Straight RazorMy barbarian has an epic beard, and the only thing he loves more than getting a good shave is when I do it for him. Last Christmas, I got my hands on one of our bone-handled straight razors, and he’s obsessed. Nothing gets quite as close as a straight razor, not even a Gillette with two hundred blades or whatever number they’re up to now. You’ll need to buy your own blades for this bad boy. Did you know that old houses used to have slots in the bathroom you could use to dispose of your razor blades? We recommend you collect them in a tin away from any pets or kids, and then dispose of your own at your local sharps disposal location.

Handmade Rune Beard Comb
If your barbarian is anything like mine, they love a good beard comb. This is our favorite. Not only does it help him smoothly distribute beard oil throughout his soft, facial locks, but it looks sick as hell. One question visitors to our bathroom always ask (we have it proudly on display) is what those runes mean. The truthful answer is, “AleHorn,” because we love a good promo. But you can say it means, ‘badass’ or something better if you want. We don’t mind– just make sure to direct them our way if they decide they need one of their own!

Horn Shotglass
It may not be a full-sized AleHorn, but it gets the job done. These shot-glasses work well as both a shot glass, a toasting cup, or a whiskey sipping vessel– or even for something more foofy, like limoncello. And if your modern barbarian is not a big drinker, why not use it for dispensing cough medicine? There’s no reason you can’t make every part of your life awesome.

Bone Gaming Dice
This just in: board games are all the rage right now. If your barbarian is still using boring, old, plastic dice for their copy of HeroQuest, they aren’t doing it right. Introduce them to our bone dice and they’ll never go back.

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5 Best Yuletide Gifts for Modern Barbarians