4 Reasons to Use a Horn Beard Comb

Among the bearding community, there are few debates hotter than the one about which type of comb is best for your beard. Some like the feel and look of wood, but others choose metal or plastic. Lately, horn beard combs have started gaining popularity among well-groomed beardsmen, and we can think of a few reasons why that might be.

Let’s get this out of the way first: the most important rule of beard grooming is to never use a regular hair brush or hair comb on your facial hair. They’re simply not made for beards. They’ll infuse the beard hair with static and will catch the beard in their fine teeth, causing the beard hair to dry out and break.

Another piece to consider is the distribution of beard oil, which is an important part of any beard-grooming regimen. Natural combs help hold and apply small amounts of oil, making sure the oil is finely distributed throughout the beard.

Please go put that hairbrush in your significant other’s bathroom drawer and throw away your plastic combs…I’ll wait.

Oh, you’re back! Great. Now that you’re ready to hop onto the natural comb wagon, why choose horn over wood? Oh man, I thought you’d never ask.

Less static

Zzzzbt. Crack. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of your beard hairs being quietly tortured by static electricity. Do you want a dry, frizzy beard? Cause that’s how you get a dry, frizzy beard.

Because horn is made of naturally porous material, it won’t act like a mini lightning rod like other materials do.

Better Glide

Because horn has a similar molecular structure to hair, it won’t cling to the delicate surface of the hair, and will untangle the beard without grabbing on to it or weakening it by stripping its oil or tugging too roughly.

Ooooh, Shiny!

If you have any sort of shiny beard goals, a horn comb is your best bet. Plastic combs tear the hair on a microscopic level, destroying the cuticles, or outer layers of the beard hairs. Since the cuticles are left in tact, your beard is even healthier, since it’s naturally better protected against the elements.

Respecting Nature and Tradition

Horn combs reduce waste by helping farmers use the whole animal, and shavings, grindings, and pieces left over after production can be used for other things, like fertilizer or buttons. Plus, way back in antiquity, guess what the best combs were made of? Go ahead, guess.

(The answer is horn.)

Now that I’ve convinced you, you want one, right? Good thing I know exactly where to get one.

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4 Reasons to Use a Horn Beard Comb