4 Major Predictions for Season 4 of Vikings

The third season of Vikings has ended with Ragnar having one foot in the grave. We really expected that instead he would be making a fertility sacrifice with the blood of King Ecbert but hey Athelstan had just died so he had performance issues you know. Other major turns include the death of Siggy and Rollo hoping to be future king of Paris. Bjorn’s attachment to his wife even as she loses her beauty is a surprise given his father’s easy persuasion from Lagertha to Aslaug. Although we hoped to see the king of Paris view the city from a pike we can’t say that it was a bad season really and as season four arrives here are the 4 predictions for season 4 of Vikings that I predict will happen.

Rollo Will Betray Ragnar Again

Rollo has already demonstrated his envy for Ragnar’s success and has already betrayed his brother once. Although the first time Rollo was tempted with beautiful women and fortune he stayed strong that was when Ragnar was his little brother and the Earl had just taken their spoils so he was in a bad mood. Ragnar is now King and the most powerful Viking there is and Rollo has become used to the life of a powerful man barking orders and slaughtering when he can in Ragnar’s name. He’s also been given some land by the king of Paris and is set to marry his daughter making him one of the most powerful men in the region. For Rollo whether to serve under Ragnar or enjoy his position as the protector of Paris is a no-brainer especially given that Siggy is dead so there’s little for him to go back to.

Ragnar will Get a Third Wife

Ragnar Lodbrok wants nothing more than to run wild through Europe sowing Scandinavian wild oats like a low budget Genghis Khan. First it was Lagertha then it was Queen Aslaug and had she not put her foot down there would be one more woman carrying his child. Ragnar’s shown himself to have no mercy in the battlefield but in matters of sex he’s a firm believer in equal opportunity. When he gets home and rumors of his child with the Queen or Mercia reach his place there will be one more woman ready to walk out on Ragnar which would be ironic given she married him by pushing out Lagertha and has been quite busy herself.

The Seer Will Die and The Norse Religion will Take a Big Blow

Siggy, Helga and Aslaug already had visions of the seer in serious pain. If their visions of a man bleeding brought the death of Siggy then the Seer’s death is almost certain. The seer is almost an outcast of the society only enjoying the presence of people when they need their future told. With his death the Norse religion will take a significant blow because with the exception of the festival every nine years the Vikings have few daily reminders of their gods.

Floki Will Desert Ragnar

Floki and Ragnar’s relationship had grown extremely thin with Athelstan’s influence on Ragnar since Floki is a staunch worshipper of the Norse gods. Floki has killed Athelstan and has already been disgraced by Ragnar in the siege of Paris. He’s going back wealthier but not with much credit to his name. As a skilled carpenter whose king has a death wish on his head two things could happen to Floki he could move to a new area with Helga or risk the wrath of his earl as Ragnar did.

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4 Major Predictions for Season 4 of Vikings