4 Dying Houses in Game of Thrones

Houses in Game of Thrones are interesting – Westeros is clearly not the kind of egalitarian society where people can rise up to become anything they want to be. There are classes, goddamnit there are houses and once you’re born royal you stay royal and if you’re born a commoner you stay a commoner unless, as Ser Bronn of the Blackwater can testify you kill the right people then maybe you can gain status and wealth and even punch a smug prince every now and then. While House Bronn rises some houses are on their last leg and if their members don’t do it like they do on the discovery channel they will die. The rush for Margery to produce a sire is not just people wanting a great bedding ceremony because the dwarves are a sucky form of entertainment, a few years without children and the Baratheon/Lannister collaboration could end up like.

Which Houses in Game of Thrones are on the Decline?

House Targaryen

From once ruling the seven kingdoms, House Targaryen is now reduced to one, that’s what a rebellion will do to you. Haughtiness, arrogance and generations of inbreeding made them too dumb to survive with Daenerys being a serious outlier from the rest of the mad family. It’s only consolation being that although it does have a membership of one, that one is a very impressive one with her dragons, empire and all. Vast resources however do not change the fact that this house is clearly on its last leg and no we’re not buying that R+l=J theory

House Arryn

Lysa Arryn thought it best to isolate herself from the rest of the world to breastfeed her son most likely to the age he wanted boobs for more than nutrition. With the death of her husband Lysa could have had her son grow up peacefully but Just like Petyr Baelish was infatuated with the wrong woman she was infatuated with the wrong man. Now her son lives in care of the man who killed her. How long does house Arryn last? Speaking of the pimping, double-crosser

House Baelish is on its last leg too

Hard to believe but Petyr Baelish is not a commoner he actually comes from a small lordship that owned some land in the smallest island of The Fingers. This is where his nickname littlefinger comes from. Sure at first he hated it but given his now vast wealth and whores he has come to like it. The man has done well for himself; do you see what a beating from Brandon Stark can do for a man? Instead of focusing on what you wish to get you focus on what you can get and soon you have a one of the biggest spy networks in the country. Baelish does look like he’s destined for better things with his current Stark infatuation of the year but who would think a man who sells so much sex gets so little of it?

House Mormont

House Mormont could have done considerably well for itself had they been content with who they are and lived with it but like many other characters in the series they just had to look for more. The patron of the house, Jeor Mormont, left to be commander of the Night’s Watch and that earned him a painful death at his own men’s hands as he refused to confront Craster. Jorah Mormont married a woman he couldn’t maintain and she quickly left him for a wealthier man and now he’s dying of greyscale while Daario Naharis shows us why bad guys finish first. The only member left with some future is Jorah’s niece Maege Mormont, the current lady of Bear Island, but we’re not expecting much from her.

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4 Dying Houses in Game of Thrones