4 Character Recasts No One Noticed in Game of Thrones

Acting is hard work. You have to immerse yourself into another character losing your own identity and becoming someone else entirely. Making a hit series requires getting the right people for each role because that person will never be forgotten by the audience. People could even start calling them by that character’s name forgetting their real name. Except when they’re not, the audience doesn’t compose of Mensa’s finest and given these are the same people who’ve ever put the trash in the fridge and the groceries in the bin who’s to say they can’t completely forget that the person they fawned over last season isn’t the same. Sometime all it takes is a new casting call and people forget that:

4.) Daario Naharis Was Played by Ed Skrein

Daario Naharis has been winning the hearts of Tagaryens and the common folk since he appeared in season 3 and in season 4 he shows Meereen the strength of Khaleesi as he pissed on the corpse of their champion. What many people have forgotten is that the man who killed the other 2 generals of the Second Sons looked completely different from the current character slaying Sons of Harpy like he owned a light saber. Ed Skrein received a call to star in a Transporter film reboot and he just couldn’t turn the offer down. Initially he tried to make it work but a decision had to be made secondary character in top show or star in reboot. Ed Skrein left and Michiel Huisman stepped in turning Daario Naharis from the guy whose dream date was probably at Wonderland to the pit fighter we now have.

3.) Lord of Bones
The Lord of Bones is that creepy guy in a skull that handed Jon Snow to Mance. In the first two seasons he had been played by Edward Dogliani however in season 5 Ross O’Hennessy was given the role. Given that Rattleshirt’s only role in Season 5 was a few insults at Tormund before being clubbed to death like he was doing a PSA to end violence against baby seals we can say that the change made little impact. Unless he’s now a white walker which could change everything for Season 6.

2.) Tommen Baratheon is Being Played by an Actor Already Killed

Callum Wharry played Tommen Baratheon in season 1 and 2 and looked like he was destined for great things. Unfortunately he had to be sat down, more likely on a lap than a chair, and explained to why Dean-Charles Chapman would be recast as Tommen as they needed someone older for the role. Had he thrown a little sissy fit we’d have said he’s more than entitled given Chapman had already played Martyn Lannister who was killed by Rickard Karstark previously. What about Wharry people? What about the children? I’m sure the directors went Clegane route when asked whether Wharry’s opinion mattered we’ve taken a liking to it.

1.) The Mountain has been Played by 3 Characters so far.
The Mountain has been changed so many times we’re beginning to wonder if it’s not a code for a knight 7 feet tall the way Snow is the title for a bastard. The first actor cast as the mountain was Conan Stevens and what a mountain was he. Unfortunately the demand for 7” tall men with beastly looks is more than the supply and he left to shoot The Hobbit saga. The next character to play the Mountain in season 3 was Ian Whyte who’d been hanging around as an extra but he just couldn’t master the look of a man who smashed Elia Martell’s head like this so in stepped Julius Bjornsson who’s managed to look quite the part of blood thirsty giant.

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4 Character Recasts No One Noticed in Game of Thrones