4 Changes in Game of Thrones with Major Consequences

So big screen adaptations don’t always stick to the book script. Who cares really? I mean Daario Naharis is supposed to be rocking a blue beard but we don’t mind. The clean shaven Ed Skrein and the brown bearded Michiel Huisman have done his character justice. Tyrion Lannister’s missing nose is also a detail that was left out of the series because no one was willing to cut off Peter Dinklage’s nose but we don’t mind in fact many would agree it was better left out. But some details when changed change the character completely and even change the direction of the story and not always in a positive way. We’re talking about stuff like…

4 Changes in Game of Thrones with Major Consequences

Daenerys Being Only 15 Years Old

Daenerys Targaryen the girl who started with no wealth, no lands, no army and has now managed to acquire all three. In the series she is played by fully grown Emilia Clarke who has done an exceptional job bringing to life the liberator of slaves and mother of dragons. In the books however Daenerys is only in her mid teens. This changes a lot from the fact she could have starred in a GoT – Sixteen and Pregnant crossover to the fact that Jorah Mormont is one hell of a creep. Not only has Jorah betrayed a teen he has showed his emotions for her . In the books he’s way more touchy bordering on creepy. Sure it’s a medieval world where anything goes but harassment doesn’t change.

Missendei isn’t Even a Teenager

Missendei is the girl who goes from being the translator and bleep sound for Krasnys mo Nakloz to becoming the herald of Daenerys and later is left in charge to rule Meereen with Grey Worm as Daario goes to find where Drogon has taken the queen to. Another victim of rapid aging Missandei is meant to be only ten or eleven years old but Nathalie Emmanuel did not look like any teenager when Grey Worm (and us?) saw her. The implication is not just a question of whether Grey Worm should be on a watch list but also how smart she actually is. If she’s only ten and she’s already ruling over a city knowing all those languages God forbid the remaining books span more than 4 years. At her rate she’ll be on the iron throne by the time she’s twenty. That or she gets offered to R’hllor it’s really win or die with the Game of Thrones.

The Queens Were Not Raped

When Cersei and Jaime are viewing their son’s body what starts out as run-of -the-mill incest turns into a creepy rape scene where the queen of Westeros is violated right next to the body of her son in the most holy of places. In the books however it’s Cersei who initiates the sex and while Jaime at no point hesitates she even insists that he hurry so that they don’t get caught. Daenerys Targaryen is also not raped by Khal Drogo on the night she gets married as was shown in the first episode. In the books Drogo actually asks for Dany’s consent and it’s her who agrees to it. The implications of these two scenes is a lot. For Jaime him raping Cersei shows a complete lack of care for the one person he cared for the most. It shows that if the loss of his hand has changed him in any way it’s for the worse. For Khal Drogo it shows there’s a reason why Daenerys actually loved him. Her own brother sold her into marriage without a second thought, Drogo is so far the only person she’s met who respects her opinion about herself. It also becomes clear why Drogo was willing to go against one of his own men when Daenerys claimed the slaves as her own. Khal Drogo and Jaime Lannister might have been the strongest fighters there were but they were not rapists.

The Thenns Are Not Cannibals

When the Thenns arrive south of the wall Tormnund exlaims how he hates Thenns and given that their leader, Styr, drops a hand to warm over the camp fire who can blame him? They are savages the lowest of the low in the Wildlings and someone who is second in command to Mance should not stoop to answering to them. That’s in the series. In the books not only are the Thenns not cannibals but they are the most advanced Wildlings there are. They are descended from the First Men and have a social order similar to that South of the wall. Yes their leader Styr is just as colorful but he is not mad. When Tormund says that he won’t answer to him it’s only because he’s the second in command. Tormund might have a bigger post but Styr has a wealthier one, bigger name and more recognition.

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4 Changes in Game of Thrones with Major Consequences