3D Printed Cat Armor is as Badass as it Sounds

3D Printed Cat Armor is as Badass as it Sounds

While the first thought that might come to mind when I tell you that some guy made 3D printed armor for his cat are “awww, so cute!”, I’m gonna need you to stop right there. Any cat who’s convinced you that he’s cute has obviously been manipulating you. All cats are warriors, and deserve to be adorned as such.

While your cat is rolling around all cute on the floor showing you her belly, she’s gleefully thinking of how best to maim your hand once it’s caught in her trap. Cuddling? No, just resting up for the next street brawl and/or hallway ankle joust. So no, friends, this armor is not cute – it’s simply the best we can do as humans to honor the warrior spirit of the fuzzy guy at the end of the couch who’s obviously plotting his next attack.

Jwall of Print That Thing listened to the soldier’s warcry within the soul of his cat Bobo, and dreamed up the perfect spiky armor to 3D print for his bellicose little buddy.  You can find his plans and instructions over at Thingiverse under his username, PrintThatThing.

To start, JWall made a sketch, then made a 3 model, and finally printed the final product, with Bobo expressing his approval at every stage of the process. The inspiration was obviously MOAR SPIKES!

The armor includes a leash link and tag hook, as well as a loop for attaching catnip. The spikey tail looks like a scorpion tail, because of course it does. We wish Bobo the warrior cat a long life, a good death, and a good comfy seat in Valhalla.

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3D Printed Cat Armor is as Badass as it Sounds