3 Tabletop RPGs with Norse Themes

3 Tabletop RPGs with Norse Themes

Truth be told, you can make a Norse-themed RPG with just about any rule-set, so long as you’re willing to lose the lore the game comes with. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and Shadowrun even have their own Norse themes inherent to the game, as most modern fantasy outfits do. But these games and modules draw directly from Norse legend and are a kickass way for you to be creative with friends, while exploring the mythological world you love.

Sagas of Migard

A world of raids and bloodshed. A world of mead-halls and celebration. A world of funeral-pyres and mourning. A world where the Gods simultaneously give you power and test that power, undermining your strength and cunning. A world of great heroes chasing death and glory in the face of unbeatable odds.

Above all, a world of stories.

Based around the Poetic Eddas, this game focuses on raiding, prophecies, and many other tenants of the Norse mythological world. This is for those roleplayers who are far more into the story than counting HP and arguing over line-of-sight. This game was recently funded on Kickstarter in under 90 minutes, and it’s sure to have plenty of fans from both the traditional roleplaying community and the Norse mythology community. Not sure where to start? The core book even contains three full adventures for first-time RPGers to help them get into the groove, similar to D&D modules. But what’s the coolest part? Every role uses a d100– yes, noobs, a 100-sided dice. If you have ever needed an excuse to buy one, here’s your chance.

This game isn’t out yet, but follow along with their Kickstarter to learn more, and hopefully the core book will be out soon for those of us who missed the Kickstarter!

Saga of the Icelanders

rom their page on RPGGeek:

The game is about the trials, tribulations and adventures of the first settlers of Iceland, as described in the Icelandic Sagas. The so-called Saga Period lasted roughly from 875, when the first permanent Norse settlers arrived, until 1085, when the first local bishop established a church in the south of Iceland. In truth, the majority of the family sagas take place in the hundred years between 930 (the year of the first national assembly) and 1030.

If you like the more historical than the mythological side of Norse history, this is the game for you. The system is similar to the Dungeon and Apocolypse World games, so if you’re already familiar with those, you’re well on your way to mastering this rich and badass game.

GURPS Vikings


GURPs has been around for ages, of course. It comes to us by way of Steve Jackson games, AKA the creators of Munchkin and many other great board games. The name stands for Generic Universal Roleplaying System– meaning, essentially, you can set any themed game into this rule set with ease.

This module in particular helps players fill this universal system with themes, characters, and creatures from Norse mythology.

From their website:

“From the fury of the Norsemen, oh Lord, deliver us!” So prayed the Irish monks.

To the victims of a Viking raid, the Norsemen were bearded giants with bloody axes. But the Viking was much more – a skilled navigator, a brave explorer, a hard-working trader. A dreamer whose songs and stories live even today. And a Viking was a free man – a man to whom honor and reputation were more important than life itself.

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3 Tabletop RPGs with Norse Themes