3 Gory Details the Game of Thrones TV Series Left Out

Fans of Game of Thrones are always shocked by the amount of sex, violence and gore that they manage to fill into 50 minutes of online time. However, if you think the series is too gruesome and have stopped watching some parts because of the gore then wait for season 6 knowing that the directors are children who could not bring themselves to replicate some parts of the book because even by their standards it’s cold. We’re not even going to talk about Daenerys’ epic diarrhea when Drogon put her down because we’re cool with a princess that gets a bit airsick and looses some of her dignity. We’re talking about the ones that would make the non-readers down right heartbroken because they get to see.

Tyrion Lannister had his nose chopped off.
If you’ve been scouring the internet like most GoT fans you’ve probably run into disturbing images like this and wondered how you missed the time /r/photoshopbattles taking a trip through uncanny valley. If you’ve been following the TV series then you saw Tyrion get a scar on his face during the battle of Blackwater Bay. If you read the book however then you know that Tyrion’s self esteem took a nose-dive (pun fully intended) as the sword actually lopped off a part of his nose. We know GRRM was a sadist who toyed with his characters but this is extreme like he didn’t have his life hard enough with his sister and father trying to kill him.

Brienne of Tarth has her face chewed off.
In the books Brienne has her face chewed off by the psycho Biter and is almost ready to die until Gendry gives the man the death he deserves from a spear tip. It’s like GRRM believes that the unattractive ones need to suffer even more for their appearance. The series changes it and instead it’s The Hound, Sendor Clegane, who has his ear bitten of and develops an infection from Biter because his pyrophobia prevents him allowing any cauterization. Clegane is the one in the series who kills Biter robbing Gendry of any chance at on-screen heroics.

Locke replaces a vile vile man
Locke is the guy who cuts off Jaime’s hand and later has his head broken by Bran Stark in Hodor’s body. If you thought this man was vile in the series wait till you read about the guy he replaced, Vargo Hoat. Now Hoat gets infected by an STD because this book stays real and hanging out in brothels in the past without protection is like surfing porn in modern day without protection, and yes we’re looking at you Tyrion. Instead of Vargo practicing abstinence from that point onward he figures it’s better to have the women inspected first before committing rape. He eventually is killed and it’s not a simple death, first Brienne bites him and the wound becomes infected. He also unfortunately ran into The Mountain when he was already losing his mind and the Mountain decides to first have fun with him. Gregor Clegane first chops of his hands and legs day by day ensuring to keep them bandaged and him alive until he got tired of it all and gave Hoat his permission to die. Let’s just say we’re grateful that GRRM does not have all the creative license in the series.

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3 Gory Details the Game of Thrones TV Series Left Out