3 Game of Throne Match-Ups We Hope To See

Game of Thrones has given us some great battles leading to epic quotes fit for a beer mug and juvenile kings wondering how much authority they really have. For instance, The Battle of Blackwater Bay made it official that Joffrey was the new mad king while taking Ser bronn from sell sword to first knight of the Blackwater. We also got to know who would win between Jaime Lannister and Robb Stark if the two met on battlefield complete with armies and flag holders. As we wait for the next season of back stabbing, torture, well-tended gardens and of course, wine, we can only hope GRRM reads this and makes the following match ups take place

Here they are – The top 3 Game of Throne Match-Ups

Daario Naharis Vs Grey Worm

We’ve seen Grey Worm take on those Sons of Harpy with a knife in his ribs and come out on top while Daario Naharis is the sell sword that took down the champion of Meereen with the toss of a dagger. A fight between these two would be so awesome 5 boys would break their voices just from watching the pair have a stare-down.

How it could happen: As far as we know Khaleesi is busy being a demigod in some parts unknown. Daario could return to Meereen without her and he and Grey Worm disagree on how best to rule the city. Daario thinks Grey Worm’s style is too harsh while Grey Worm feels the smug bastard has grown too big for his britches because he slept with the queen and has a really cool name. We’ve seen them refuse to lose to each other before, a proper push and they could be in the middle of the arena giving us the fight of the year.

The Hound Vs The Mountain

This one has been brewing for a long time, since they were children actually. The Mountain is a beast of a man who can kill a horse with one swing of his blade and cares for no one not even his own brother. The hound born with such a character as his older brother is scarred at childhood and even though he’s one of the most renowned knights in the area, what’s knighthood without vengeance?

How it could happen: Right now the most widely accepted theory, cleganebowl, predicts that he and his brother will fight at Cersei’s trial. The Hound will be the representative of the church while The Mountain is already on Cersei’s side. That The Mountain has been brought back as a poor man’s Frankenstein’s monster is even more reason to support The Hound. True Cersei right now is getting some pity votes from fans but you can’t say she’ll be voted safe by viewers anytime soon. Let the fight begin.

Barristan Selmy Vs Brienne of Tarth

This comes down to two of the most disciplined fighters in the series not just in skill but in lifestyle. Barristan Selmy was granted knighthood at 16 and at 57 he beat the hound at a tourney. Brienne of Tarth has also beaten the hound which makes us wonder how good he really is. However, both of them are too well brought up for dirty tricks. The loser would probably shake hands with the winner as they choked on their own blood.

How it will happen: When Daenerys invades Westerros Brienne will probably be on the other side. Her loyalty doesn’t falter and anyone who’s beaten The Hound and won is a person you want on your side to defend you. If someone worthy ascended to the thrown she would definitely stand by them and push back against the Targaryen.

What are the top Game of Throne Match-Ups you would like to see?

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3 Game of Throne Match-Ups We Hope To See