10 Bad-ass Viking-themed Wedding Ideas

You've probably heard it tons already: "It's your wedding, do what you want!" But what does that mean, exactly? Do you have to follow family traditions? Are you allowed to get crazy?

Of course you are!

We've compiled ten ideas for only the most bad-ass Vikings to make their wedding the event of the year.


1. Mead ceremony

We've talked about this quite a bit in other posts, but I can't honestly explain to you how freaking cool it is. It gives your guests a taste of something traditional but also shows off something they probably have never seen before, all while sealing you and your future spouse in an ancient oath.

badass viking wedding


2. Brew your own signature mead for favors

And on that note, why not brew your own mead? It's one of the most simple and straightforward spirits to make. Just give yourself plenty of time beforehand for the mead to ferment, then the sediment to settle and follow our short guide.

badass viking wedding

(I made the above labels for a friend's wedding, for a grand total of about $8!)

 Sites like StickerYou offer water-proof label prints if you're handy with design. Or, commission an artist to help you out.

3. Matching drinking horns for the wedding party

 If you're going to have your best ladies and dudes standing with you on this very important day, you're going to need to bribe, I mean, give them the best possible gift. A drinking horn engraved with their own personal... Game of Thrones house, rune, quote, name, sigil... whatever you want! shows that you don't just love them, but you care about them and it's important for you to have them there on this most auspicious day.

badass viking wedding

4. Bonfire

What's more Viking than a bonfire? If your venue is cool with it and it works within the fire code of your community, go nuts. Offer traditional food, like a roast pig, roasted apples or nuts, or even s'mores instead of cake. It's a good chance to offer something badass that's not usually seen at weddings, and yet something that's familiar and comforting.

 badass viking wedding

(This group built their own longboat to burn! Photo credit: Citypages)

5. A Viking Throne for a sweetheart seat

If you're anything like me, you had no earthly idea what a sweetheart seat was until you started planning your wedding. It's the seat where the bride and groom sit together during the meal at the reception. While just about any old chairs will do, a combined, loveseat-like seat has become all the rage so that the newlyweds can snuggle.

badass viking wedding

We here at AleHorn are pro-snuggling. We just think it should be done in an awesome way. Consider making your sweetheart seat into a throne for you and your partner to share. Or use this Viking stargazing chair for inspiration.


6. Axe throwing competition

badass viking wedding

(Photo credit: Angry Axe)

Axe throwing is the new hipster trend, sort of like rage rooms and escape rooms. It takes one of the most popular events from the renaissance faire and turns it into something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A number of companies in the states now offer mobile axe throwing rigs, which can pull right up to your venue for the delight of your guests.

7. Forge Your Own Rings

badass viking wedding

(Companies like The Smithery offer workshops for you and your spouse to make your own rings)

Diamonds are dropping out of fashion. As we millennials disembowel and devour the diamond industry, we're turning to the old ways of creating a marriage bond and the jewelry one requires. It's becoming more and more popular to forge your own rings, and plenty of companies are offering this exciting experience. If you don't want to do an actual forging but still want to design a ring, countless sellers on Etsy (like this one from X) offer you the chance to customize your own ring.

8. Arrive via longboat

This one might be difficult if you don't live in the beautiful fjords of the Scandinavian peninsula. But just imagine as the ceremony begins, people start looking around, but no wedding party can be seen. Suddenly, over the horizon on the scenic lake behind the altar, a dragon's head appears.

badass viking wedding

(This Norwegian couple did!)

Pretty badass right? If you can make this happens, PLEASE send us photos. Oh, and please invite us, too.


9. Sword exchange

As we've written about before, the Vikings didn't just exchange rings during their weddings. They also exchanged the ancient swords of their ancestors, symbolically bringing their new spouse into their blood family.

badass viking wedding

You may not have an ancestor's sword to exchange, but that doesn't mean you can't get one made and start an all-new tradition for your family. Find a seller on Etsy who will make you a personalized blade, like ArchangeSteel above.


10. Have a tattoo artist give signature rune tattoos

Yes, people DO offer tattoos at their wedding! It's usually one design, something to commemorate the wedding. Work with your artist to come up with a design that represents your partnership, but that they also wouldn't mind wearing on their bodies. 

Check out The Wedding Tattooer for more information.

What did you do to take your wedding up that extra notch? What are you planning for your future wedding? Share with us in the comments below, and don't forget to check out Kona and Jenna's bad-ass wedding. Remember, we can customize ANY drinking horn in our shop for your wedding.

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