Hot Coffee Horn

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A collection of coffee cups is nothing without our brand new, exceptionally unique coffee horn. Our 100% horn tankards are inspired by medieval fantasy like the Game of Thrones series and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but tankards and bars go way-way back.

If your heart hearkens to the call of the warm fireside of a tavern or bonfire, this cup certainly belongs in your hand filled to the brim with your absolute favorite liquid vice. The curved handle and full-bellied cup are all one piece of horn, stopped fast by the acrylic floor that’s fitted to create a watertight (or coffee tight!) seal. The horn is finished with a food-safe sealant which also allows its naturally rough texture to be the star.

  • Two sizes available: small (approx 10oz) and medium (approx 12oz)
  • Made from 100% ethically sourced bovine horn
  • Formed horn handle and vessel walls are made from one piece of 100% natural horn
  • Sealed and suitable for hot liquids (or any other temperature) - all of our other horns are not recommended for hot liquid
  • Please rinse your horn before use and avoid the dishwasher.

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