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Leif Erikson Drinking Horn

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Whether you're here because you hate Christopher Columbus (boo that guy!), love the contributions Vikings made to society, or because you love Spongebob, happy Leif Erikson Day!
Regarded as the first European to come to America (500 years before Christopher Columbus), Erikson was said to be following in the footsteps of Bjarni Herjólfsson, a merchant. Erikson is regarded to be the first planned expedition to the lands west of Greenland, and he spent an entire winter there.
Nevertheless, our amazing carver, Jen, made this horn in honor of Leif. And we're selling it for the low price of $35.00 in honor of the 35 men who accompanied Leif on his journey.
As for the horn, it includes a stand. This large version is hand made from ox horn, highly polished, is 100% unique, and sealed and polished for durability.
  • Unique and one of a kind Drinking Horn
  • Made from 100% natural horn
  • Highly polished to bring out the pattern in the horn
  • Sealed and suitable for cool liquids
  • Approx dimensions are 11″-13″ (30-40 cm) tall and weigh approximately .6lbs (270g)
  • Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit pictured
  • It includes the phrase, 'Skal Leif!' but if you're prefer something else under this beautiful carving of the man himself, please let us know!