Scottish Salad Bowl

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Our unique version of the Scottish Quaich (also sometimes called a "quaigh" or "quoich") is - you guessed it - 100% real bovine horn. Typically crafted from wood or metal (or both), our horn Quaich is an interesting (and gorgeous) spin on Scotland's traditional friendship cup.

The highly polished drinking bowl with two flat lug handles is made from one piece of horn, which means each will have one-of-a-kind coloring and striations. This piece measures approximately 6 inches from handle to handle and 4 inches across the bowl.

Traditionally a Quaich would be filled with whiskey or brandy (more specifically, if you're really gonna do this thing, some really good scotch). The filled cup would be offered to friends and guests as they arrived to your home. The double handles represent trust and friendship, but are always handed to the guest to grab with both handles so he is unable to pull a weapon on you while accepting your drink.

Today, the Quaich is used as a symbolic cup of camaraderie in many ceremonies and is still offered to guests in some Scottish homes. It's also been adopted as a popular style of "loving cup" for brides and grooms to share a drink from during their wedding ceremony.

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