Twisted Steel Horn Stand

Imagine drinking like the gods while having the ability to set your horn down to finish business.

This 2 legged hand-forged carbon steel stand is perfect for drinking with or displaying any of your curved Viking drinking horns. Big, heavy-duty, and quality craftsmanship at a low price, this stand is forged with centuries-old forging techniques of twisted metal. You’ll notice this authentic Viking stand is amongst the best drinking horn racks offered.A must-have for keeping your mead, ale, or wine in your horn when you’re off to other quests.

A wonderful addition to display the charm of your horn during any occasion. Pair your curved horn with this stand for special celebrations or to add to a rustic kitchen table or living room setting. Fits all large and XL curved Viking drinking horns both polished and natural finish horns.

About Your Stand:

  • With strong and reliable craftsmanship, this carbon steel stand fits all sizes of our Viking curved horns.
  • Simple, functional, sturdy. Never spill a drop of your beverage.
  • Useful to enhance the display of one horn, as seen in museums & the film industry.
  • Decorative hand-forged twisted metal is perfect for special events or everyday use.
  • Holds horn upright for display or for freeing up your drinking hand for other engagements.
  • The horn sits through-hole and rests on 2 legs with the tip of the horn used as the 3rd leg.

What You Get

✔️ One high-quality & durable twisted carbon steel stand
✔️ AleHorn's 97-year lifetime warranty!
✔️ No Hassle Replacements
✔️ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️ FREE shipping over $99


Material: Twisted carbon steel with a no-rust and wash-safe coating
Height: 5”  inches
Width: 6” inches
Weight: 5 ounces or .34 pounds

Any Questions?

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