Leather Belt Horn Holster


Drinking from horns was such an important part of ancient life that many warriors and travelers needed to have their horns with them always. In a leather strap.

This black leather belt strap horn holder is specifically for our curved Viking horns.

Large is for all 12" Large Viking drinking horns.
XL is for all 20" XL Viking drinking horns

**Select the XL option for XL horns

Attached to a holster or strap, the horn would hang off their belt, saddle, or bag, always at the ready.

Sling your backpack strap, carabiner, or belt through the loop and tighten the laces around your large Viking drinking horn to ensure you’ll never go thirsty while loudly proclaiming your hearty Viking spirit. 

The holster is made from black genuine leather with laces detail to give the holster an authentic look and adjust the size of the horn opening to fit your unique Viking drinking horn. Metal rivets attach the loop, securing the holster to a belt, bag, or backpack.

  • Holster is genuine deep faux black leather
  • Belt loop secured by two strong metal rivets
  • Hang your drinking horn from a bag, belt, or backpack
  • Fits our Large Viking Drinking Horns (check horn size before ordering)
  • Laces can be adjusted to secure drinking horn