XL Polished Viking Horn

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When Vikings returned home from battle, a horn was always offered to them to quench their thirst and welcome them home. It’s also said that a drinking horn is your first reward in Valhalla.

We deserve a full horn to welcome us home after the battles of modern life. The AleHorn XL Viking Drinking Horn is a handcrafted and historically accurate vessel with which to drink your mead, ale, or whatever you thirst for.

Each unique horn features brass trim around the rim to preserve the beveled lip of the cup and provide a kingly drinking experience with each hearty quaff.

The horns are polished and sealed to preserve and protect them.

The XL Viking Drinking Horn is the largest of AleHorn’s vessels, and while volume varies due to the beautiful chaos of nature, it’ll generally fit a beer and a half. 

Included a 100% horn stand with each horn so we can drink a bit slower or give ourselves a free hand should we need it.

Features of the XL Viking Drinking Horn

  • Beautiful and chaotic nature makes each horn unique
  • Brass lip, 100% bovine horn
  • Polished to bring out the horn’s unique coloration
  • Sealed to preserve and protect
  • Suitable for consumption of cool liquids
  • Includes 100% horn stand for display

    Note: Hand wash with soap only, do not use a dishwasher. Rinse before first use.