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Get Your Tankards Hand ENGRAVED Today!

⚠️ Tankards may vary in color from lighter / darker.

This genuine Viking drinking horn will let you drink in style while experiencing a medieval adventure! The best part is that there's no need to worry about spilling because it has an ingenious design.This Viking Drinking Horn provides the perfect way for any fan of Vikings or Fantasy fan to experience their favorite era with ease and comfort, without sacrificing authenticity.

With this horn, you can more than live up your fantasies by finally being able to enjoy them on a deeper level - though not as deeply as those who actually lived through these eras might have been able to do so themselves!

Handcrafted from 100% ethical and natural Ox horn. Sealed and polished with food-safe FDA-approved sealant. There’s nothing like nursing a hoppy brew or honey mead from your very own lordly vessel. Hand-forged by heat, every bovine horn tankard is formed from one piece of horn, including the smooth handle that’s designed to provide a confident, comfortable grip. This horn will keep the beer cool at your lips. There’s nothing like nursing a hoppy brew or honey mead from your very own lordly vessel.

Height: Large ≈ 5-7" / XL ≈  7-9" / XXL ≈  7-10"
Width: Large ≈ 4-5" / XL  ≈  5-7" / XXL  ≈  7-9"
Weight: Large ≈ 1.5 lbs / XL  ≈ 2 lbs / XXL  ≈ 2.5 lbs
Capacity: Large ≈ 16+ oz. / XL ≈ 24+ oz / XXL ≈ 30+ oz 
Material: 100% authentic and natural bovine (ox) horn. Made from one piece of horn.

What Else Do You Get?

⚪ 97-Year AleHorn warranty
⚪ F
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⚪ 30-Day 
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⚪ FREE AleHorn 
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Non-toxic, FDA approved liquid sealant for cool liquids (unless coffee horn)
100% natural and ethical ox horn (Each is unique)

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Why AleHorn?

You're a Viking with an epic drinker's style, and you need the best drinking horns to follow suit. AleHorn is your go-to for serious Viking gear! A 97 year guarantee means that these bad boys will last through any long night of carousing
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Serving over 135,000 Vikings, we've been in this game for the longest. Drinking horns is our game and we come second to none when it comes to supplying these worlds-best forged horns. Built just like the Nordic traditional horns from 973 AD.

Whether you're looking for traditional mugs or want something edgier - we've got what you need! Browse Vikings approved drinkware while also browsing awesome official memorabilia items celebrating Nordic cultures including Viking horns & axes
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Don't like it? Return it within 30 days no charge. Did your spring a leak? We have a replacement ready for you. We guaranteed you'll enjoy your horns so much that we also offer a 97-year warranty on all of our cored Large or above horns.