Nordic Mornings Bundle
Nordic Mornings Bundle
Nordic Mornings Bundle
Nordic Mornings Bundle
Nordic Mornings Bundle

Nordic Mornings Bundle

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Love Coffee? 
Yea we do too. so we've given you the option to grab not one but TWO of our top-selling "Grande" (yep, the big one) coffee horns and we throw in some curves as well. Our amazing curved tip horn shots are beasts. Here's what you get.

2 Grande Coffee Horns 
2 Horn Shots

About the Grande Coffee Horns:

The curved handle and full-bellied cup are all one piece of horn, stopped fast by the acrylic floor that’s fitted to create a watertight (or coffee-tight!) seal. Finished with a food-safe sealant to allow its naturally rough texture to be the star.

  • Size: Grande ≈ 12oz
  • Material: Made from 100% ethically sourced bovine horn
  • Build: Formed horn handle and vessel walls are made from one piece of 100% natural horn
  • Uses: Sealed and suitable for hot liquids (or any other temperature) - all of our other horns are not recommended for hot liquids
  • Dimensions: ≈ 5-7 inches tall x ≈ 3-4 inches wide
  • Weight: ≈ 1.25-1.85 pounds
About the Horn Shots:

All at once, whimsical and masculine, a horn shot glass isn’t something you see in every bar. When a Viking has a taste for bourbon, what else is there to do but find himself a miniature version of his AleHorn?

  • Size: ≈ 1.5-3 oz
  • Weight:  ≈ .5 pounds

Comes in Your Order

✔️  97-year AleHorn warranty (*coffee mugs only)
✔️  Fast and easy replacements with our customer hero all-stars
✔️  30-day money-back guarantee
✔️  FREE shipping over $99 (auto applied)
✔️  FREE AleHorn black carry bag
✔️  FREE AleHorn computer sticker
✔️  Points towards any future purchases

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Phone: 480-546-8959

Why AleHorn?

#1 Drinking Horn Company Online

Serving over 135,000 Vikings, we've been in this game for the longest. Drinking horns is our game and we come second to none when it comes to supplying these worlds-best forged horns. Built just like the Nordic traditional horns from 973 AD.

We Back Our Products 100%

Don't like it? Return it within 30 days no charge. Did your spring a leak? We have a replacement ready for you. We guaranteed you'll enjoy your horns so much that we also offer a 97-year warranty on all of our cored Large or above horns.

Earn Points. Win Gear

For every $5 you spend at AleHorn you'll begin building your very own loot pile. Packed with discounts, special unique offers just for members and the latest updates and giveaways.

Come Back to try our mead

Ever had mead? It's what the Vikings would obliterate after battle and at weddings and festivals. Often paired with AleHorn's our mead is worth every penny. Just look at that exclusive artwork too!

*MEAD must be purchased separately from our horns due to law. We use a 3rd party shipper for legal purposes, but we welcome you back for a bottle or 5.

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