Premium Tankards


Introducing our top-selling Viking Horns.
You're going to love your Drinking Horn Tankard

These classic drinking horn tankards are the horns our ancestors used for doing exactly what we'll be doing with them - drinking mead and ale!

Each mug is unique so no two are alike.
Highly portable: Perfect for camping or barhopping

Handcrafted from 100% ethical and natural Ox horn. Sealed and polished with food-safe FDA approved sealant. There’s nothing like nursing a hoppy brew or honey mead from your very own lordly vessel. 

Each horn you order has...
  • AleHorn's 97-year lifetime warranty!
  • No questions replacements
  • 14 day 💵 back guarantee
  • No questions replacements
  • Applied FREE shipping over $99
  • 100% natural and ethical ox horn (Each is unique)
  • Non-toxic, FDA approved liquid sealant for cool liquids (not boiling - unless it's the coffee horn)
  • FREE AleHorn black carry bag
  • FREE AleHorn computer sticker

Hand-forged by heat, every bovine horn tankard is formed from one piece of horn, including the smooth handle that’s designed to provide a confident, comfortable grip. This horn will keep the beer cool at your lips. 

There’s nothing like nursing a hoppy brew or honey mead from your very own lordly vessel. 

Dimensions: Large / XL / XXL

Height: Large 5-7" / XL 7-9" / XXL 7-10"
Width: Large 4-6" / XL 4-7" / XXL 5-7"
Weight: Large approx 1.5 lbs / XL approx 2 lbs / XXL approx 2.5 lbs
Capacity: Large 12-16 oz. / XL 20+ oz / XXL 30+ oz (Cool liquid only)
Material: Natural Ox Horn (1 piece)

You're going to love the way it looks!

*Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit pictured because of nature 
* Rinse before use. Avoid dishwashers and hot liquids (unless coffee horn)