Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand
Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand
Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand
Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand
Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand

Mjolnir - Wood Horn Stand

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Ah yes, the simple balancing act makes this wooden stand unique, lightweight, and easy to manage. Take quick sips at home or easily take it on the go, you won’t need to find a resting spot for your curved Viking horn ever.

Securely assembled with solid brass Mjolnir, "Thor's Hammer" plaque fastened perfectly in place. Mjolnir, the Norse mythology terminology for Thor’s Hammer as popularly shown in Hollywood movies.

This sliver of harvested mango wood is strong and durable but encompasses all the beauty of the wood in its own right. Makes any stunning horn look fantastic with the color of the wood grains properly showing.

The most versatile of all the curved Viking horn stand, this Mjolnir wooden stand can fit both large or XL Viking drinking horns.

A wonderful addition to display the charm of your horn during any occasion. Pair your curved horn with this stand for special celebrations or to add to a rustic kitchen table or living room setting.

About Your Stand:

  • Simple and nice, this mango wood stands gits any sized curved Viking horn.
  • Functional so you never spill a drop of your beverage.
  • Useful to enhance the display of your horn, nice color contrast against the horn’s grains.
  • Decorative with a solid brass Mjolnir “Thor’s Hammer” metal plate fastened on.
  • Holds horn upright for display or for freeing up your drinking hand for other engagements.
The horn sits through the hole and rests on the double-pronged wooden base

What You Get

✔️ One durable and lightweight wooden stand with a golden brass Mjolnir plate
✔️ AleHorn's 97-year lifetime warranty!
✔️ No Hassle Replacements
✔️ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔️ FREE shipping over $99


Fits: Any large or XL curved Viking drinking horn
Material: Golden brown oak wood / Solid brass plaque
Length: 8” inches
Thickness: .75”  inches
Weight: 2.5 ounces

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