Horn Beard Comb

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Full Description

Do you kiss your mother with that beard?

For being such a classic symbol of manliness, beards sure can be very temperamental.  Using the wrong comb (or no comb) can leave you (and those close to you) suffering a course, dry, uncomfortable mess.

While Viking warriors had to suffer through dirty, wiry beards, you have the good fortune of having proper beard care tools at your disposal.

The handmade bovine horn from which we ethically handcraft each comb is made from the same material as our fingernails and hair, which means it glides effortlessly and comfortably through all lengths of beards, putting in a good day’s work of preserving hair follicles and naturally distributing oil without introducing static.

Many customers have commented on the improved shine and strength of their beards after just a few days of combing.

  • 100% real bovine horn
  • Handsomely textured on one side and smooth on the other to provide grip
  • Hole drilled through the handle of comb so you can add a strap
  • Unique design by nature – no two combs will ever be alike
  • Horn handle is engravable