XL Mango Wood Base Tankard

Natural Dark
Milky White
The XL Mango wood bottom Viking drinking horn tankards make all the difference! 🥭️

The latest in drinking horn tech is our new "Zero-Leak" seasoned mango wood bottom. Now in XL (20+ ounces)

Don't settle for any drinking horn. Get the best horn on the planet. Not only is this horn more durable but the look and feel are the best in the world. The increased beauty and durability make this tankard the gold standard. 

    • 20% larger hand-carved mug. A stout 8-10 inches tall leaving room for 20-24 ounces of cold refreshing booze

    • Built with 100% ethically sourced ox horn for authentic appeal and feel leaving only the finest natural look

    • All-in-on heat compressed construct so you have an exquisite tankard made entirely from one horn. Unique only to you

    • 0% leak locked with FDA approved food-safe sealant suitable for your cool to warm liquids

    • 97-year AleHorn guaranteed warranty and zero hassle returns to ensure you'll have it for life

      *Avoid dishwasher and super hot liquids. Wash before use.