Ægishjálmr Helm of Awe Pendant

This pendant features the Helm of Awe rune, which is meant to inspire, ya know, awe. This protection symbol features eight spiked arms fanning out from the center, which are meant to instill fear in the hearts any enemy who looks upon you. In the Poetic Edda, the fierce dragon Fafnir is even rendered invincible by the symbol:
The Helm of Awe I wore before the sons of men In defense of my treasure; Amongst all, I alone was strong, I thought to myself, For I found no power a match for my own.
That said, results of gleaning actual protection from our pendant have been inconclusive - but it sure looks cool. It even comes with a leathery cord!
  • All metal cast construction
  • Includes black adjustable necklace cord and an "AleHorn" rune carrying bag
  • Design based on traditional runic Helm of Awe pendants that have been worn for centuries
  • Measures 2" x 1.25" x .25" and weighs 1oz
  • Available in solid copper and nickel silver
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