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Game of Thrones Drinking Horns


game of thrones


Whether you care about how it ended or not, you have to admit: Game of Thrones had style. It's what lead us to create, after all. We saw Tyrion's drinking horn and all the beautiful horn tankards and said to ourselves, "By the Old Gods and the New, how do we get in on that?"

The orders started to come in. It looked a little like this:

game of thrones

But eventually, we became King of the North-- I mean, the best-known horn sellers in all of Westeros. You might be throwing a Red Wedding. Or perhaps a purple one? Well, just so you know, we do weddings, too.

game of thrones

By the way, did you see the horn we made for Kristofer Hivju (also known as Tormund Giantsbane himself)? It's true: if we can inscribe the most beautiful man in the world on our horns, we can do just about anything.

game of thrones

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