Black Leather Belt Holster (For XL 20" Horns)

As Vikings were away from home visiting allies, conquering enemies, or waging war, an essential piece of their gear was their drinking horn, which was typically attached at the belt with a leather cord.

We now give you our black leather carry holster for XL 20" drinking horns.

**See other holster for 12" large horns

Many other civilizations also carried drinking horns with them using holsters or leather straps because of the horn’s durability and convenience as a watertight drinking vessel.

Horns were also an important part of the Viking berserker ritual, in which warriors would imbibe hallucinogenic mead right before going to battle in order to induce a frenzied rage.

The berserkers would have needed their horns to be within close reach, making them an important part of their battle gear.

While we can’t exactly suggest you drink so much you go berserk at every opportunity, but we do like the idea of always having a horn with us, just in case.

The Belt Holster for Extra Large Viking Drinking Horns features genuine black leather with laces that show on the outside of the horn and can be adjusted to achieve a secure fit. Metal rivets hold the top loop closed, through which you can thread your belt. The holster can also be attached to a bag or backpack for easy drinking horn transport.
  • Genuine premium leather in deep black
  • Two rivets secure the loop
  • Allows you to hang your drinking horn from a belt, bag, or backpack
  • Fits AleHorn XL Viking Drinking Horns
  • Laces can be let out to enlarge the opening
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