Drinking Horn Starter Pack

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🍻 DRINK LIKE THE VIKINGS: You'll be living in the best of times with this Viking Drinking Horn! The design is ingenious and it won't spill a drop, so you can enjoy drinking from your favorite vessel without worry. A hefty 16+ ounce capacity and sturdy oak wood bottom make this bad boy worthy of any type of celebratory liquid.

🧼  EASY TO CLEAN WIDE MOUTH: The tankard is a perfect vessel for enjoying your favorite ale. It has an extra wide mouth, so you can drink from it without spilling any Liquid Courage on yourself or the person sitting next to you! The rich aroma of hops will fill up this mug and make even more unique because no one else has quite like it.

🐂  100%AUTHENTIC AND UNIQUE: The Viking horn is a perfect vessel for your next adventure! Every piece comes in its own unique style, shape, grooves and colors, with an authentic certificate to prove that it's ethically sourced. You'll be able make any situation more fun than ever before!

⚔️  HANDMADE WITH PRECISION: The best drinking cups are made from fine materials and handcrafted in the USA. Our expert craftsmen take great care with every detail, ensuring that you're getting only top quality products on our store for your home or office needs!

🛡 SUPERIOR HORN MATERIALS: AleHorn’s drinking vessels are some of the most unique in our collection. The curved handle and full-bellied cup are all one piece, stopped fast by an acrylic floor fitted to create a watertight seal that keeps your beer cold for hours! With these durable tankards made from premium materials like fine livestock horns (which aren't just pretty - they're tested!), you'll never need another mug again
Comes with

  • 22+ oz. tankard w/ solid wood bottom
  • 2 oz. white shot horn
  • Metallic gold direwolf bottle opener
  • Faux leather AleHorn carry bag
  • Free AleHorn branded sticker

  • More Bonuses

    ⚪ 97-Year AleHorn warranty
    ⚪ Fast and Easy replacements with our customer hero all-stars
    ⚪ 30-Day 
    money-back guarantee
    ⚪ Points towards any future purchases

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    AleHorns are simply awesome.

    You're a Viking with an epic drinker's style, and you need the best drinking horns to follow suit. AleHorn is your go-to for serious Viking gear! A 97 year guarantee means that these bad boys will last through any long night of carousing
    #1 Drinking Horn Company

    With over 155,000 customers, we've been in this game for the longest and we do it the best. Drinking horns is our specialty and we come second to none when it comes to supplying these worlds-best forged horns. Built just like the Nordic traditional horns from 973 AD.

    Whether you're looking for traditional mugs or want something edgier - we've got what you need! Browse Vikings approved drinkware while also browsing awesome official memorabilia items celebrating Nordic cultures including Viking horns & axes
    We Back Our Products 100%

    Don't like it? Return it within 30 days no charge. Did yours spring a leak? We have a replacement ready for you. We guarantee you'll enjoy your horns so much that we also offer a 97-year warranty on all of our horns.