Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer - Pendant

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This Mjölnir pendant is available in solid Copper and Bronze castings and is antiqued to give some "age" to the design.  Based on a rune of the hammer of Thor, the great Norse god of thunder. If you're going to wear a tiny weapon around your neck, it should definitely be this one. Mjölnir is the powerful hammer of Thor, the god of thunder, who is also the god of some pretty great other stuff like oak trees and strength.

His hammer isn't just any hammer - its name literally means "that who smash." So, it's safe to say this hammer isn't for building birdhouses. Mjölnir pendants have been extremely popular for a long time - pendants have been found that were made as early as 900 AD. These days Mjölnir pendants serve the exact same purpose they always have - to provide the protection of Thor in times when you need a little extra strength and power, like when you're starting a new job or asking your boss for a raise.

  • All metal cast construction
  • Includes black adjustable necklace cord and an "AleHorn" Rune carrying bag
  • Design based on traditional runic Mjölnir pendants that have been worn for centuries
  • Measures 2" x 1" x .25" and .9oz
  • May include the protection of Thor (for those who are worthy)

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