Grand Curved Horns

You're going to love your Premium Drinking Horn

Our new rough-hewn Viking horns rely on nature for their color, texture, size, and shape, with a simplified design that highlights the struggles and victories of life. The pattern, striations, scratches, and scrapes are purposefully left on the horn as reminders of the earth, just as much as the drink inside is a reminder of the supernatural. In the tradition of the horn makers who came before us, we handcraft our vessels from an ethically sourced horn.

Each drinking horn is hollowed out and shaped, then polished, trimmed around the lip, and finished with a food-safe sealant.   All of our Viking style drinking horns include a matching stand made with horn from the same beast to help you proudly display your cup or set down your drink while you fill your belly with food.

Choose between two sizes in Large or XL both with different finishes
to choose from as well...
  1. Polished finish
  2. Natural earthy finish

    This classic and premium forged horn is from centuries-old traditions. Each horn is unique so no two are alike.

    Handcrafted from 100% ethical and natural Ox horn. Sealed and polished with food-safe FDA approved sealant. 

Each horn you order has...

  1. 👍  AleHorn's 97-year lifetime warranty!
  2. 👍  No questions replacements
  3. 👍  two-week 💵 back guarantee
  4. 👍  Applied FREE shipping over $99
  5. 👍  100% natural and ethical ox horn (Each is unique)
  6. 👍  Non-toxic, FDA approved liquid sealant for cool liquids (not boiling)
  7. 👍  FREE AleHorn black carry bag
  8. 👍  FREE AleHorn computer sticker

Dimensions: Large Horns

Height: 11-14" inches tall
Width: 4-6" inches
Weight: about 2 lbs
Capacity: 12-16 oz. of cool liquid
Material: Natural Ox Horn

Dimensions: XL Horns

Height: 12-16" inches tall
Width: 6-8" inches
Weight: about 3 lbs
Capacity: 20+ oz. of cool liquid
Material: Natural Ox Horn

*Each horn comes with a matching base stand. You're going to love the way it looks

  • Highly polished to bring out the pattern in the horn
  • Actual horn pattern may vary from the unit pictured because of nature